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The complete guide on how to write a federal resume (with examples)The complete guide on how to write a federal resume (with examples)

Seeking a role with a federal government agency? Not sure how to maneuver the intricate application process? Dive into our comprehensive guide, complete with insightful examples, on crafting an effective federal resume.

How to Write the Follow-Up MessageHow to write a follow-up email after an interview

Thank you notes aren’t a thing of the past — they can actually help you get the job you want, today. In this article, we’ll discuss why following up after an interview is important and how to write a follow-up letter to get you noticed!

Career development
Reinvent yourself for a new jobReinvent yourself for a new job

“Back to Normal” is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot over the past few months - and it means many things to many people. Normal, for many people, was safe. It was stable. And stability, or predictability, can keep people set in one mode for a long time.

Career Change
Things To Know About Your Career Change II: Know Your SituationHow to change your career: know your situation

Starting a new career is an exciting, energizing, and self-affirming experience. But getting to your new career can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you didn’t leave your last role by choice. You can smooth this transition by being prepared and asking yourself the tough questions at the beginning of your journey.

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Finding and Selecting the Right Recruiter for YouHow to find a recruiter that's right for you

Searching for a job can be tough, but you don't have to go it alone. Working with a recruiter could be helpful to find your next job, so we'll discuss the different kinds of recruiters and what they can do for you.

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Three Very Real Job-Hunt Low Points and How To Move Past ThemThree very real job-hunt low points and how to move past them

As you navigate the seemingly endless process of career transition, there are going to be natural highs and many lows. Finding the perfect job posting and dreaming of what it will be like is an immediate rush - but when you realize that the call isn’t coming, it’s a complete letdown.

Finding a job
Things to Know In Your Career Change, Part One: Know YourselfHow to change your career: know yourself

After a layoff, many people look for a job similar to their last one. Maybe at a higher level or with a different company, but typically the same “type” of work. But others, take job loss as an opportunity to pivot to a new career entirely. This pivot may be made by choice - pursuing something you’ve always loved but never had time for - or it may be an adaptation you make out of necessity, like if you work in an industry that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

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New Year's Resolutions for Job-SeekersNew year's resolutions for job-seekers

The arrival of the new year usually brings about a sense of renewal and optimism - this year more than most.

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Tips for Negotiating a Permanent Work-From-Home ArrangementHow to negotiate a work-from-home arrangement

Many workers have not only adjusted to the WFH lifestyle - they’ve grown to love it. A recent Prudential survey of 2,050 U.S. workers found that 68% of current home-based employees would like to continue doing so in the future - at least part-time.

Career Path
Getting a Job In the Nonprofit SpaceGetting a job in the nonprofit space

Typically when we talk about careers and organizations, we mainly focus on jobs with profit-driven companies (the private sector) or public service roles funded by some form of government (the public sector). But there are other sectors that offer many of the benefits of both these worlds.

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Finding Your Transferable SkillsHow to identify your transferable skills to land your next dream job!

Looking to boost your chances of securing an interview? Identifying and highlighting your transferable skills across the hiring process is one way to impress an employer and land your dream job! Follow our guide to showcasing your skill set and landing your next dream job!

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Starting Off With Freelancing/Contract WorkHow to start freelancing or contract work

Instead of hiring full-time employees, many companies are looking for freelancers or contractors for short projects or tasks. Maybe you’ve noticed more and more listings for “freelance” or “contract” positions.