Benefits for Students

Customized plan

Our career planning tool helps to put together tailored career plans that provide students with a clear vision

Customized plan

Customized pace

Direct access to advisors

Easy document access

Customized plan
All-in-one career services solution

Resume Builder

Create professional resumes in minutes within a smooth, intuitive builder. Beautiful designs, optimized templates, writing assistance, spell-check and a host of other features!

Mock AI Interview Tool

Boost your interview skills in a stress-free environment. Record mockup interviews on your laptop, answer questions, and get AI-powered feedback for specific jobs and roles.

Job Tracker

Your personal job search assistant, turning complexity and chaos into smooth sailing. Track job openings and manage applications — all with a simple click in your browser.

Job Search

Navigate the job market with precision and ease: browse thousands of job openings and find exactly what you want with our advanced search filters.

Salary Analyzer

Your trusted market research assistant. Always know your worth with the latest salary data based on role and location. Be prepared for interviews and negotiations!

Career Pathways

Build a career journey, explore new roles and professions, discover growth opportunities. Plan ahead for success with our career research tools.

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