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The job market is changing fast and it pays to be ready. is the all-in-one platform for career guidance and success. From your first job search to retirement, you’re in the right place.

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Our mission

Wherever you are in your career, we’re here to help with cutting-edge technology, advanced AI and human experience. We have the power to achieve your potential. Together we’re ready for anything. mission

An international team of career experts

Our knowledge is deep and our networks are wide. From the U.S. to Europe and Asia, we have decades of combined experience in digital innovation and job market research.

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Powerful tech with human insight

We leverage technology to innovate and adapt to market need. Our products are built on deep knowledge, wide experience and human expertise. When we succeed, we carry our customers with us.

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Career guidance in a changing world

Careers aren’t what they used to be. Our products give you the power, insight and control you need to build a career that's satisfying and successful.

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Our brands is a diversified career services business that empowers people to take control of their careers and achieve their full potential––wherever they are in their career journey.

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A History of Growth

Starting Up

Beginning in 2016 with the launch of TopResume and then adding TopCV and ZipJob, we've given millions of job seekers expert resume reviews and connected them to professional writers to land their next role.

Beyond Resumes

Adding brands like TopInterview, ResumeRabbit and Startwire has expanded so many professionals' abilities to improve their job search and succeed faster with greater confidence.

Powerful Tech

Adding AI-enhanced platforms like and Interview School gives users industry-leading tech to build resumes or prepare for interviews supercharging their job search and saving them precious time.

Future-proofing Careers

2023 combines the brands and tools that have already helped millions into, the all-in-one solution for professionals from job search through career planning and onto retirement.

Team and leadership

It's so empowering to be part of this unique experience at where the team created the world's first career companion. offers a perfect set of career features serving you from your first job, throughout your career.

Rolf Bax
Chief Marketing Officer

In this role, I lead all aspects of Talent's global finance organization including overall financial strategy, capital structure & allocation, reporting & long-range business planning, as well as investor & board relations, accounting, and tax operations.

Joe Bussichella
Chief Financial Officer is a platform that can support you at every point in your career journey. Looking for something new? Thinking about the next promotion? Our all-in-one service can help you reach the next step!

Sophie Tarif
Product Manager

At we believe in two things. First, people's careers are important. Second, you can become the owner of your career and drive it to success. We are building this platform to support your careers and support you reach full your potential.

Polina Oparina
Head of Product,
Rolf Bax CMO
Joe Bussichella CFO

Careers without borders

We’ve built a global network of career expertise. Markets are continually evolving and we’re dynamic enough to adapt. Our experience allows us to match our services to any context.

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