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  3. Looking at hospitality careers? Check out these 5 jobs!
Looking at hospitality careers? Check out these 5 jobs!

Looking at hospitality careers? Check out these 5 jobs!

  • 5 Lucrative hospitality and tourism careers 
  • 1. Sommelier
  • 2. Head chef
  • 3. Wedding planner
  • 4. Event manager
  • 5. Concierge 
  • How do I start a hospitality career?
  • Key takeaways

The hospitality sector is packed to the brim with lucrative job opportunities. For those with a passion for customer service, it’s easy to find a position that aligns with your own interests. Here’s a look at five hospitality careers, including responsibilities and salary.

If you enjoy helping customers while making some money, then the hospitality sector awaits you. The hospitality industry includes a wide range of careers, including food preparation, restaurant and hotel management, travel advisory services, event planning, and theme parks. 

Most hospitality careers do not require specialized education, making them ideal for new grads and career changers. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic hit this industry hard, it’s been experiencing a big resurgence lately, offering plenty of job opportunities.   

In this blog post, we’ll discuss:

  • 5 good-paying jobs in the hospitality sector

  • How to make it into the hospitality industry

Statistical Insight

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the leisure and hospitality sector is projected to have the fastest growth of any sector between 2021 and 2031, making up 23.9% of all new projected jobs. 

5 Lucrative hospitality and tourism careers 

The world of hospitality is full of exciting job opportunities that can fill your wallet and make you feel like a superstar in the service industry. Here’s a look at five lucrative opportunities within this sector:

1. Sommelier

Average annual salary: $48,000 - $76,000 

If you are a wine connoisseur, then this job is for you. As a sommelier, your job would be to provide wine recommendations to guests at fine dining places and hotels, based on their taste preferences and budgets. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring sufficient wine inventory levels, training staff members, hosting wine tasting sessions, and suggesting new wines to the hotel or restaurant owners.

2. Head chef

Average annual salary: $45,000 - $67,000 

Head chefs are responsible for overseeing all culinary operations across a hotel and restaurant. Depending on your experience, you can work at some of the most exclusive locations in your area. You will also be responsible for training staff members and implementing food health and safety protocols. 

3. Wedding planner

Average annual salary: $40,000 - $63,000 

When it comes to weddings, every couple wants a unique and memorable experience, and this is where wedding planners come in. Their job is to supervise the wedding function, from flower selection to catering. You will also work with couples to understand their needs and budgets and make appropriate recommendations.

4. Event manager

Average annual salary: $44,000 - $69,000 

Event managers are responsible for arranging and supervising a wide variety of functions, including corporate events, private dinners, conferences, and even weddings. They oversee all aspects of the event, such as setting up the lights and stage, arranging for food and drinks, and helping with the marketing. 

5. Concierge 

Average annual salary: $29,000 - $40,000 

Concierges work in hotels and provide a variety of services to guests, including car booking, event reservations, and arranging for tours and transport. Concierges also serve as a wealth of information, especially for out-of-town guests  looking for recommendations on places to visit. 

How do I start a hospitality career?

The first step towards starting a hospitality career is deciding which employment option best aligns with your interest. Do you love cooking and serving food or booking airline and hotel tickets for clients? 

Next, look into a number of career options and pay close attention to the job duties and key requirements. What level of education and experience is required for the job? Do you need to take any courses to pursue a career in that field?

Finally, it’s time to create a resume and cover letter that focus on your relevant skills and experience. A well-written resume will help you stand out among other applicants and improve your chances of getting that job.

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Key takeaways

  1. The hospitality industry is a good option for those who love interacting with customers. 

  2. There are several high-paying jobs in the hospitality industry that are worth exploring.

  3. To make it into the hospitality industry, you’ll need a well-written resume and cover letter among other things.

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