Lotte van Rijswijk

Lotte van Rijswijk

How Do You Get A Job Without Experience

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How do you get a job without experience

Artwork by: Alexandra Shevchenko

  • When a you become a job seeker, you become a marketeer 
  • If there is no way, create one

It is the classic Catch-22 for almost any job-seeker (from those who are in the beginning stages of their career to those switching industries; from recent college graduates to those who are in their second careers): you can’t get a job without experience and you cannot get the experience without a job. Fortunately, there are those who have navigated themselves out of that labyrinth and were kind enough to share their wisdom over the internet.

We’ve done the research and compiled here a few great ideas you can use.

When a you become a job seeker, you become a marketeer 

Granted that the creation of a personal brand that you are “marketing” to employers may be advanced to the novice job-seeker, it is still a fundamental element of a job-search. A personal brand is your value proposition to your potential employer and, by not having that in your arsenal, employers (and it’s important to  see it from their perspective) are left seeing the candidate as a mystery as they search for that candidate who will stand out in a pool of applicants. 

If there is no way, create one

As an example of a profile of a stand out candidate, look at the story of  Dr. Larry Strybel’s. He describes in his blog in the Harvard Business Review how he made the transition from being a clinical psychologist into becoming a business consultant. Although he did not explicitly describe his value proposition, we can surmise that he is selling his ability to size people up, to get into their minds, and to get traction for his friends’ business through cold calls. His brand sent a message that he was somebody who can listen, dissect his clients’ problems, and somebody who is clear in language and thought.

Let’s highlight a few key takeaways from Dr. Strybel’s story. First, he was very clear on what he wanted and what kind of value he was providing. He wanted the experience in the marketing and the sales of Dr. Daily’s business. He also wanted the title of ‘Business Development Associate’; and the title would lead to referrals, connections, but—MOST IMPORTANTLY—the experience that he needed. Notice that he just did not ask for the experience, it was pretty much created for him using his brand as a tool for convincing Dr. Daily to give him that chance. He was also clear on the kind of value he was providing. He made the calls; he got the appointments. He never made the promise that he was there to generate sales because that was beyond the scope of his value proposition.

Lotte van Rijswijk

Lotte van Rijswijk

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