Lotte van Rijswijk

Lotte van Rijswijk

How to write a Cover Letter: A simple guide

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How to write a cover letter: a simple guide

Artwork by: Alexandra Shevchenko

  • What’s the Point of a Cover Letter?

Many elements of job-hunting are fairly straightforward - or at least the basics are. You probably already understand what a resume does, and you likely already have some idea what networking consists of.

And then there’s the cover letter - everyone’s least favorite and least understood - part of the application process.

One issue people have with cover letters is that their value is hotly debated. Many blogs and sources say that cover letters are outdated, that only a small handful of HR professionals still care about them. 

But hiring managers are not all the same - for every one that ignores cover letters, there’s another that cautiously reads through every word and makes their interview choices based on the letter. Since you have no way of knowing which type of professional you’ll get, it’s better to be safe than sorry and learn how to create a strong cover letter every time.

What’s the Point of a Cover Letter?

Cover letters are a way to tell your story very specifically about why you would be a great fit for that particular job,” explains Careerminds Career CoachKaren Dillenberg

Note that Karen used the words “very specifically” - meaning that the main purpose of a cover letter is to explain what it is about you and your specific experiences that make you right for a position. Cover letters are meant to be more personalized - a generic version doesn’t do you any good.

Lotte van Rijswijk

Lotte van Rijswijk

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