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Product Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this product management resume example?
  • How to write a great product management resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a product management resume?
  • Product manager resume example

Product managers play key roles in the overall success of a company by building strategies and leading the direction of products. They are crucial in collaborating with product developers, business process owners, and customers. Product managers are responsible for keeping products relevant and meeting ever-changing customer needs while enabling the organization to reach its goals. If you are looking for your dream product management job, then you need to be able to highlight all your hard-earned product management experience and abilities. A winning resume must impress them with your expertise and accomplishments.

Why use this product management resume example?

This example of a digital product director is excellent because it utilizes a comprehensive yet simple and clean resume format. The introduction is strong and focused on skills, achievements, and business success. This is important because you need to keep your summary short and to the point, but you want to highlight your great experience and areas of expertise. It is also critical to insert some things that show you can get things done and are successful.

The examples “areas of expertise” section has a great list of skills that are relevant to product management. You should keep your list short and list the skills that best match up with the job position you are applying for. The career experiences in the example are detailed but high-level enough to keep them concise. Notice, also, that more space is spent on accomplishments and business results than the job responsibilities. This is very important because hiring managers understand what product management is about. They are much more interested in what you have done and have been successful at.

Since the resume covers over ten years of experience, the older experience is moved to an additional experience section and given an abbreviated description. This is standard practice on resumes to keep them short. You generally do not want your resume to be more than a page or two, at most. This also applies to your education, training, and certifications. Employers don’t care much about things you learned over a decade ago, with exceptions being major degrees or professional certifications that are still valid (not expired).

How to write a great product management resume

Your resume is what gets you in the door, so it has to knock their socks off. Hiring managers look at lots of resumes, so grabbing their attention with your resume is no small task. The first thing you need to do is make sure it showcases your expertise. 

For example, product management can be a very complicated business, and good product managers know how to solve problems. You need to convey that you can break down a complex problem, prioritize the use cases, and come up with a great solution. It is also important to demonstrate that you can define clear and measurable goals, and utilize data to analyze the problems in a structured process. The best way to demonstrate this on your resume is with an example of an issue you overcame, including quantifiable results showing how you helped the business.

Keep your focus on accomplishments and positive business outcomes. We saw this on the example resume, and it bears repeating because it is the most important thing that recruiters and hiring managers look for. They want people that get results. And remember to include specific, tangible results from the products and features you delivered, with metrics and numbers to clearly explain the benefits. 

It’s also crucial to get all the basics right. Proofread your resume very carefully. Don’t commit the cardinal sin of having misspellings or grammatical errors. This will immediately turn off the reader. Keep your resume very concise and simple. Don’t get fancy with your formatting or fonts, and don’t use a bunch of graphics. Keep in mind that an ATS (applicant tracking system) will screen your resume first. These automated reviews do not care about formatting or graphics. Keep it clean and easy to read, this alone will earn you some points.

Which key skills are relevant for a product management resume?

Jobs in the product management space require a variety of skills and qualifications. Product-related skills like management and development are at the top of the list for obvious reasons. Other basic and key skills are related to working with people (collaboration, customer service, communication, and team leadership). Digital and technical skills are also valuable in product management, as well as managing money and teams. You can’t go wrong including any of these skills, but make sure you can back them up with demonstrated results.

Here’s a selection of the most valuable hard and soft skills you should include on your product management resume:

  • Product management

  • Product development

  • Collaboration

  • Customer service

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Digital product management

  • Continuous process improvement

  • Financial planning and analysis

  • Team development

Product manager resume example


Summary example

Proven success in managing product portfolio while overseeing teams through the development and launch of mobile banking applications and new features for 1K financial institutions. Instrumental in leading all aspects of product management lifecycle, delivering/implementing innovative digital products/technologies, and ensuring successful product launches. Demonstrated expertise in digital banking, cloud computing, digital marketing, and FinTech. Skilled in fostering cross-functional collaboration while interacting with stakeholders, technical development teams, and clients. Adept at designing customer-focused plans leveraging data analytics to guide product planning, leading to higher customer satisfaction and adoption.

Employment history example

Senior Product Manager, at FIS Mobile Banking, Chicago

2013 — Present

Manage all stages of product development, including ideation and business case preparation, requirement identification and gathering, and product launch. Develop roadmaps by leveraging agile methodologies, while continuously improving process based on clients' feedback. Direct launch of new product features by orchestrating customer pilots, collaborating with support teams, securing pricing and billing setup, and assisting marketing team in preparing product communications for sales/bank clients. Partner with development teams and product owners to determine product feature requirements and scope within SAFe Agile development framework. Lead product management team during client and sales activities, such as client briefings, price negotiations, client conferences, and product webinars. Oversee business and product strategy for Digital One product for the FIS Banking Solutions business unit. Liaise and maintain product roadmaps with clients as well as internal stakeholders.

  • Achieved $60M in revenue from Digital One Mobile Banking applications for retail and commercial clients.

  • Delivered mobile banking platform to 1K financial institutions with more than 6M mobile banking users in the US.

  • Gathered customer insights for ground-breaking product enhancements through user interviews, client surveys, and feedback discussions.

  • Reduced and controlled expenses by estimating hours and internal costs for new product features and enhancements through collaboration with development teams, finance, and executive management.

  • Created mobile banking application and offered cutting-edge capabilities, covering personalization-based features based on data analytics and useful features to satisfy end users.

  • Monitored all facets of partner relationships and product set, encompassing vendor selection, contract negotiations, development work, post-integration tasks, and any commercialization initiatives, such as marketing and sales assistance.

Education example

Master of Science, Roosevelt University, Chicago

Skills example

  • Digital Product Management

  • Data Analytics

  • Partnership Development

  • Team Training & Leadership

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Business Development

  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention

  • Excellent Communication

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