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  3. Wondering if group career coaching can help your career? Find out more!
Wondering if group career coaching can help your career? Find out more!

Wondering if group career coaching can help your career? Find out more!

  • What is group career coaching?
  • What are the benefits of group career coaching?
  • FAQs about group career coaching
  • Key takeaways

Feeling a bit stuck in your career and wondering how to thrive instead? Group career coaching is one way to get out of the rut and move in the right direction. We’ll explain everything you need to know about group career coaching and how it can help your career.

If you’re finding the job search an uphill struggle, feeling a bit stuck in your career, or thinking it’s time for a career change, then you may have considered hiring a career coach. Working with a career coach dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals could be the answer to your problems. But, what type of career coaching would work best for you?

Group coaching has been rising in popularity in recent years as many people realize the benefits of peer-to-peer coaching in a professional context. If you’ve heard of group career coaching, you might be wondering what this involves and whether it can actually help you progress. In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What is group career coaching?

  • What are the benefits of group career coaching?

  • FAQs on group career coaching

Statistical Insight

According to research by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) involving respondents from 64 different countries, 62 percent of coaching clients said they improved their career opportunities due to coaching programs. 

What is group career coaching?

Group career coaching involves working with a career expert in a group session with other professionals who are similarly qualified to you. The career coach leading the group will facilitate discussions and activities that encourage different viewpoints, knowledge, and insights to be shared, helping you grow and develop your career in a supportive environment. 

What are the benefits of group career coaching?

If you’re trying to weigh up whether group coaching would be beneficial to you, here are some pro’s:

Building a community 

When you join a career coaching group, you not only get the benefit of a great career coach but the bonus of shared experiences and learning from your peers. Over time, this can lead to the development of a community focused on supporting each other to achieve career goals.


Any opportunity to meet professionals from your industry is a networking opportunity. Group career coaching offers you the chance to meet peers in similar professional situations, develop connections, and help each other move forward in your careers. If you’re looking to switch jobs or careers, this type of networking is extremely valuable. 

Expert Tip

When you’re considering one-to-one vs. group career coaching, think about your goals, if you’re confident sharing information in a group, and whether you thrive in group settings. If you prefer a more individualized, personal approach, then one-to-one coaching may be better.

Self awareness

Group coaching boosts your self awareness by enabling you to secure a better understanding of your core values, strengths, and weaknesses, which in turn can help you make better career choices. Meeting people from different backgrounds and experience levels also exposes you to new perspectives, which can be both inspiring and informative.

Cost savings

One-to-one coaching sessions can vary considerably in terms of cost, especially as coaching fees aren’t currently regulated. If you’re attending a group coaching session on the other hand, the cost of the coach’s time and resources can be shared out among participants, making this a more cost-effective coaching solution.

  • Seek referrals from your existing network and conduct some research on group coaching program providers by checking their credentials and any testimonials.
  • Forget to request a taster session with your group career coach before signing up. This way you can see if you’ll actually enjoy the coaching experience.

FAQs about group career coaching

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers: 

What’s the difference between group coaching and team coaching?

Team coaching involves group members collaborating to achieve a common goal, whereas group coaching consists of individual members with their own goals. Some group members may have similar goals as they are at the same phase in their career, but they will still be unique as everyone's career journey is different.

What types of group career coaching programs can I join?

Group career coaching programs can take many forms, from job search and interview coaching to career discovery and development. Groups can provide amazing networking opportunities as well as support for various challenges in your career, such as considering a career pivot.

How long are group coaching programs?

Group career coaching can vary in terms of length and frequency. You may opt for a six-week virtual career coaching program or a six-month or longer in-person group arrangement. Whatever option you choose will depend on your coaching goals. For example, if you’re looking for support on a specific job search and interview techniques this may be a much quicker process than if you’re considering a complete career change. 

If you’re looking to explore your career options and potential opportunities, check out’s Career Pathways tool to help you get started.  

Key takeaways

  1. Group career coaching involves working with a career expert in a group setting with your peers, providing the opportunity to share ideas, learn from others, and advance your career.

  2. The benefits of group coaching include networking and building connections, developing your self-awareness, and saving money via a cost-effective coaching solution.

  3. Be sure to seek referrals, testimonials, and fully research potential coaching groups to ensure they’re a good fit. Completing a taster session is a great way to test the waters.

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