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Visual Designer Resume Example & Writing Guide

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  • Visual Designer resume example

Visual designers combine creativity and technical skills to generate compelling visual concepts, requiring expertise in graphic design, 3-D modeling, and project management. They use their talents to bring ideas to life via 3-D designs, sketches, and prototypes. They also provide artistic direction and collaborate with clients to ensure smooth project delivery. If you’re targeting a visual designer role, you need a strong resume that will boost your chances of getting hired. Use our resume example and step-by-step guide to land your dream visual design job.

How to write a great visual designer resume

For your visual design resume to be successful, highlight your artistic abilities, technical skills, and knowledge of visual design principles, along with your talents in project management and communication. Start your resume with your name, main job title, and contact details. Include a link to your portfolio and/or LinkedIn profile if you have one.

Your professional summary is next, which outlines your core experience and hard skills (industry-specific) and soft skills (character traits). Keep this summary direct and impactful by including approximately four key sentences. If the summary is too short, you may look inexperienced, but if it's too long, you may lose the hiring manager’s attention during the initial resume review.

Include a bulleted list of key skills at the beginning of your resume with no more than 15 keywords. This is a great way to provide a snapshot of your expertise to the hiring manager, and it will help improve applicant tracking system (ATS) results. Check the job description(s) for keyword inspiration, and focus on listing hard (industry-specific) skills at the beginning of this section so they are more prominent.

The all-important professional experience section comes next. Start with your most recent job, and work back to earlier roles, covering no more than 10 to 15 years of your work history. Focus on using action verbs at the start of each sentence, such as “transform,” “optimized,” or “conceptualized.” Highlight any specific accomplishments and positive results from successful designs to make your visual designer resume stand out. 

Detail where you received your foundational knowledge of visual design in the education section. If you have a college degree, include the degree, where it was completed, and the year of completion if you graduated in the last three years. You can also include any awards and honors, such as the Dean's List. Certifications are of great interest to recruiters, so include any relevant certifications in a separate section, following your education information.

Which skills are relevant for a visual designer resume?

When outlining skills for a visual designer resume, make sure they are relevant to your target roles by checking the job descriptions to identify in-demand skills. Here are some hard and soft skills to include in your visual designer resume:

  • 3-D & 2-D Graphic design

  • Multimedia design

  • Artistic direction

  • Strategic planning

  • Project management

  • User experience (UX)

  • Data analysis

  • Client success

  • Motivational leadership

  • Communication

  • Training & development

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Sketch

  • MS Office Suite

Visual Designer resume example


Summary example

Multi-faceted and creative designer with expertise in 3-D modeling, graphic design, and project management. Skilled in replicating real-life objects using 3-D models including sketches, prototypes, and compelling design ideas. Dedicated to optimizing client experiences with exceptional customer service, deep insight, and timely communication. Possess a background in business management with knowledge in logistics coordination, event planning, and team leadership.

Employment history example

3-D Designer as a Freelancer, Miami, FL

2021 - Present

Transform clients’ initial vision into high-quality finished designs with expertise in 3-D printing and effects. Maximize client satisfaction by overseeing all aspects of cost management, prototyping, welding, and preparing 3-D character models. Drive efficiency by creating conceptual layouts, project roadmaps, and sketches that translate 2-D images into 3-D models. Effectively troubleshoot issues.

  • Enhanced results by incorporating innovative software including AutoCAD.

  • Partnered with high-profile clients including the Globe Theatre and Creature Con, among others.

Supervisor, Spectra Operations at ADDITION FINANCIAL ARENA, Orlando, FL

2018 - 2020

Optimized workflows and expanded organizational capabilities by training and leading a team of 20+. Drove event success by directing all logistics, allocating budgets, and integrating safety protocols for the 10K-seat arena and the 1.4K-seat venue at ICF. Consistently assessed for improvement opportunities.

  • Worked multiple event types across sports, entertainment, and corporate industries, as well as community gatherings and job fairs.

  • Earned #1 On-Campus Venue in the state of Florida and Rookie of the Season (2019); voted #10 nationwide by Pollstar.

Education example

Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies Psychology and Public Administration Emphasis on Business at the University of Central Florida

Skills example

  • 3-D & 2-D Graphic Design

  • Prototypes / Sketches / Drawings

  • Business Management

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Visual Elements / Artistic Direction

  • Client Success / Satisfaction

  • Social Media Management

  • Python / SQL

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