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Software Engineer Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is a software engineer?
  • Why use this software engineer resume?
  • How to write a great software engineer resume?
  • Which key skills are relevant for a software engineer resume?

With the rapid changes in technology and the development of AI-powered tools, the demand for software engineers is on the rise. If you have a passion for software development and are looking for the next high-paying gig, then let our professionally-drafted software engineer resume help you out.

What is a software engineer?

Software engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining a wide array of software applications. To succeed in this job role, an applicant would need the right combination of technical and soft skills. Typically, most software engineering jobs require a minimum bachelor’s degree in the field and/or professional licenses from different accreditation bodies.

Why use this software engineer resume?

This resume has been tailored for software engineering jobs. After stating the applicant’s name and contact details, it provides a short power statement to establish the applicant as the perfect fit for the job role.

The next statement is a professional summary. This section includes a brief description of the applicant’s previous job roles, and it also aligns with the typical job duties of an experienced software engineer. The technical expertise section includes a combination of technical and soft skills that are needed for a software engineer’s job. 

In the professional experience section, the applicant’s previous job roles are listed in a reverse chronological sequence. Each job detail consists of day-to-day responsibilities, as well as key accomplishments (or projects) that help the candidate stand out. The accomplishment section contains numbers and stats to show how the applicant has made an impact in their previous job roles.

The final section of the resume lists the applicant’s educational experience. Most companies require software engineers to possess a college education in the field and one or more professional licenses. 

How to write a great software engineer resume?

Here are a few tips on writing an effective software engineer resume:

  1. Use the right keywords. Review the target job description to look for specific job-related and soft skills, and make sure to include them in your resume.

  2. Select the right format. If you don’t have previous job experience, consider using a functional resume that focuses on your education and skills.

  3. Keep it short. Even if you have sufficient work experience, try to keep your resume to 2-3 pages to avoid repeating the content. 

  4. Proofread. Once you have written your resume, make sure to thoroughly proofread the document. This review will help you fix any typos in your document.

Which key skills are relevant for a software engineer resume?

Software engineers need some of the following skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of various software applications

  • Command over different programming languages

  • Coding and troubleshooting

  • Communication and teamwork skills

  • Strong attention to detail

  • The ability to meet short deadlines

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Expertise in different operating systems and MS Office applications


Summary example

Multifaceted technical career with proven track record of development and innovation. Continuously improved systems to substantially increase productivity and streamline processes. Proven achievements in developing and training new technology teams.

Technologically sophisticated software engineering professional with solid history leading end-to-end project life cycle to align technology solutions with current and emergent business needs. Broad knowledge and success in an engineering development environment. Skilled trainer and team leader; able to guide and contribute to all facets of qualification, integration, streamlining, and testing for sophisticated systems.

Employment history example

Software Engineer at Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Miami

2018 - Present

Core Technologies: Jetbrains IntelliJ, Struts2, Spring framework, JPA 2.1 with Hibernate, CSS3, JQuery and JqGrid, Oracle, Linux server side, Windows 7, Weblogic

Redesign use cases to encompass business domain objects and processes, including extensive role-based user constraints across multiple organizations. Leverage Struts2, Spring JPA, and Oracle to implement use cases within a DEP framework utilizing approved technologies; use JqGrid to create a UI display of extensive table data. Create interim code reviews for DEP customers with CSS3, JQuery, and JavaScript. Develop JPA utility tools that generate entity, dto, dao, service, and action classes to sharpen team focus on core business functionality.

Key Projects:

  • Analyzed and validated selected delimiters and column counts to reduce errors from a previous high of 247 down to only three.

  • Developed and implemented a use case to localize a remote file with FTP, validate the file, and subsequently submit the file to a database import script.

Software Engineer at Florida Lottery

2014 - 2018

Core Technologies: IBM Rational Developer, Git, CVS, Struts2, Servlets/JSP, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, Spring Framework, JPA/Hibernate, Jenkins, Maven 3, BASH and Korn Shell, TOAD, SQLDeveloper, Slf4J, IBM Software Analyzer, Oracle, Derby, MySQL, SQLite, AIX Linux, Windows 7, Tomcat, WebSphere

Guided IT managers and directors on resource requirements for application development aligned with client visions. Documented existing systems and processes; reviewed existing build and release management processes to provide improvement / optimization recommendations. Mentored junior developers to refine skills and emphasize unit and performance testing. Researched and developed new technologies, tools, and methodologies to enhance the software development process.

Key Projects:

  • Developed an application for  Android 4.0 that featured search and display of an Android SQLite database as well as tools for automatically updating onboard database on set schedule.

  • Rewrote and modernized Java code for three applications, the Lottery website, Second Chance, and retailers, reducing lines of code by 50% while improving application clarity and performance; developed code generation tools to assist in test and development efforts.

  • Conducted detailed code reviews to improve maintainability, reliability, and performance. Developed the CSTS prototype application using Spring Framework to improve data collection and feed inputs to the Oracle Forms workflow application.

  • Determined security configuration changes to solve failed audit findings, and created file operation scripts required by customer reporting processes; met with clients to analyze/evaluate system requirements to create functional and technical specifications.

Application Architect at Walt Disney World, Orlando

2009 - 2014

Core Technologies: IBM Rational Architect 7.0, Spring 3.0, Web Services. UML Diagrams, Progress SonicESB, Oracle, Derby, MySQL, Linux, Windows, Tomcat, Glassfish, WebSphere, Jetty

Developed, deployed, and maintained applications and databases leveraging service-oriented architecture (Progress SonicESB) JEE and web services technology. Partnered with colleagues to complete installation, configuration, and implementation of tools and products within build environment. Reviewed technical diagrams, WSDL, performance requirements, and system characteristics; conducted extensive code reviews and analyses to help project teams with development efforts. Served as a key resource to manager and directors, offering guidance on strategic planning and requirements gathering to align development efforts with client vision for application functionality. Assisted with installation and configuration of databases as well as development of utilities and databases for analyzing source code. Trained Java developers on best practices, code reviews, IDE tools and utilization, unit testing, and project documentation.

Key Projects:

  • Created a continuous integration and build management system for enterprise applications totaling more than 2M lines of code.

  • Performed R&D on new technologies, tools, and methodologies to enhance the SDLC.

  • Transitioned software projects to use Maven (a build management and project management tool).

  • Applied static analysis tools to large multi-module projects that improved performance, reliability, and maintainability, and established compliant coding standards and related tools.

Education example

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at Old Dominion University, Norfolk

Skills example

  • Application Architecture

  • Database Management

  • Strategy & Execution

  • Innovative IT Initiatives

  • Development & Execution

  • Research and Development

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