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Scrum Master Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What should your scrum master resume include?
  • Why use this scrum master resume example?
  • Which key skills are relevant to a scrum master resume?

Interested in finding work as a scrum master? You’ll need a very technical resume document that highlights both your leadership skills and your understanding of how the scrum process works. Read this guide for tips on how to make resumes that impress recruiters with your ability to handle the high-pressure environment of scrum teams.

What should your scrum master resume include?

Scrum, named after the team formations in rugby, is a style of management centered around frequent team meetings and short-term goals called sprints. If you’re seeking out scrum master job openings, your resume should show recruiters that you understand the main purpose of scrum management, i.e. helping project teams innovate new products at a breakneck pace. Your resume should also describe ways you’d keep scrum teams organized, motivated, and focused on their goals.

Why use this scrum master resume example?

The resume example below is a great template for aspiring scrum masters in several ways. First, it has a professional summary section that lets you list three fields of expertise below the job title of Scrum Master/Project Manager. This lets recruiters quickly check to see if you’re specialized to take on the unique responsibilities of their specific scrum master job opening. Below that, there’s a professional summary paragraph section where you can describe your managerial background and personal strengths.

The resume’s professional experience section uses a classic format that’s perfect for describing prior scrum master jobs of yours. In each job entry’s main paragraph, you can discuss the relevant day-to-day responsibilities, while the bullet-point sub-sections let you list special accomplishments such as completed projects or revenue generated. The sample language in this section (and other sections of this resume) also happens to be full of useful keywords and elegant sentence structures you can tweak for your own job descriptions.

The final section of this resume example, the education & credentials section, is specifically designed to fit the needs of professionals who seek scrum master positions. At its top, you can list the degrees you’ve earned and the colleges that issued them. At the bottom, you can list software proficiencies, known programming languages, and favored operating systems in the technical skills section. 

Which key skills are relevant to a scrum master resume?

The scrum method of project management is popular with software development companies; if you’re applying to a software development position, make sure your resume lists every programming language and management software application you know. Also make sure your resume contains details about scrum-related management skills– interpersonal communication, organizing meetings, setting goals, and so on.

Recruiters on the hunt for experienced scrum masters love resumes with these skills:

  • Project planning & initiation

  • Solution development & testing

  • Bug tracking & resolution

  • Client/stakeholder liaison

  • Change management

  • Risk analysis/management

  • Resource allocation/management 

  • Deliverables tracking/reporting

  • Process/performance optimization

  • Organization skills

  • Team management

  • Strategic planning

Resume Example

Summary example

Results-oriented and technically proficient scrum master with demonstrated success leading scrum and sprint planning, overseeing product backlog, and removing obstacles and impediments to enable continuous improvement. Adept at delivering complex technology projects from inception through close for diverse clients, effectively controlling change requests, preventing scope creep, and aligning customer expectations with business goals. Skilled in leading high-caliber scrum teams while coaching staff on best practice methodologies.

Employment history example

SCRUM MASTER / PRODUCT OWNER at the Multi Service Technology Solutions (MSTS), Overland Park, KS. 2015 - Present

Administer product management through discovery, development, and release phases. Establish and manage vision, strategy, and product backlog. Create and perform iterative testing on new concepts. Spearhead market and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and gaps. Define key metrics to track and evaluate success of product features. Liaise with customers and stakeholders to obtain feedback and drive product improvements.

  • Enabled initial launch of PayNode end-to-end payment platform and subsequent product expansion into Mexico and Europe.

  • Designed and facilitated sprints focused on optimizing existing features.

  • Fostered high level of engagement with end-customers and executives to ensure consistent alignment with requirements and objectives.

SCRUM MASTER / PROJECT MANAGER at Sansoro Health, Kansas City, MO. 2014 - 2015

Oversaw critical software development activities in partnership with chief architect, middleware architect, and key stakeholders for start-up healthcare company. Supervised four development teams while delivering tasks as project manager. Led sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demos, and release planning while aiding product owner in clearing backlog. Monitored and analyzed key metrics. Tracked and eliminated bugs. Facilitated cross-functional communication between developers and client project managers. Coordinated dependencies between scrum teams, vendors, and relevant parties. Identified and mitigated obstacles to project delivery. Encouraged open and effective communication, empowering team members to present ideas and discuss issues without repercussions.

  • Guided team in adopting and adhering to best practices while assuming ownership of individual tasks, workflows, and risk management initiatives.

  • Recommended and orchestrated onboarding of customer service software for internal and external use.

  • Co-developed individual Statements of Work (SOWs) for five client sites.

INTEGRATION ARCHITECT at Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO 2010 - 2014

Earned promotion to leadership role overseeing project integration and product implementation. Instrumental in serving leading client with most mobile products and enhancements in respective domain. Collaborated with development team, executives, vendors, and client representatives, translating client feedback into meaningful product changes. Coordinated timelines across complete development lifecycle to ensure achievement of all goals and milestones. Tracked key issues and provided decision makers with strategic reporting and analysis. Interviewed candidates and mentored new team members, creating continuous learning environment for all.

  • Overcame significant resource impediment to singlehandedly upgrade domain usually tasked to 10-member team; won Cerner award for performance.

  • Administered up to five major projects, including four client mobile product launches and 20+ enhancement/maintenance requests weekly.

  • Provided critical support in developing new facility, ensuring full functionality of network, hardware, and software prior to opening.

  • Proffered expert insights to new team members on custom steps and procedures following internal reorganization.

  • Improved change control process for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Education example

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Pennsylvania State University.

  • BS in Computer Science/BS in Computational Biology, Dual Degrees at Florida State University.

Skills example

  • Project Planning & Initiation

  • Solution Development & Testing

  • Bug Tracking & Resolution

  • Client/Stakeholder Liaison

  • Change Management

  • Risk Analysis/Management

  • Resource Allocation/Management

  • Deliverables Tracking/Reporting

  • Process/Performance Optimization

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