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Real Estate Professional Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this real estate professional resume example?
  • How to write a great real estate professional resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a real estate professional resume?
  • Real estate professional resume example

A real estate professional is someone that does business in real property which includes buying and selling properties, construction development, redevelopment, rental, management or operation, leasing, and brokerage. Being in the real estate industry can be a challenging and rewarding career. It requires training, licensing, and experience. The specific requirements depend on which country and state you do business in. But how do you create a great resume for a real estate professional? We’ll get into that next.

Why use this real estate professional resume example?

Your real estate professional resume needs to look amazing and have great curb appeal because that’s what people expect from someone in the real estate industry. The example resume for a real estate agent is excellent because it has a nice, clean format and uses subtle colors to make it stand out.

It starts with a solid summary giving the reader a quick overview of their key abilities and experiences while using some great keywords. Having a powerful summary is important because you need to immediately get the attention of the hiring manager or HR person to make sure they keep reading your resume. The next section lists a strong set of skills that are relevant to the real estate business. This is where you can put a lot of keywords in one place and make sure you hit all your marks regarding the skills your potential employer is looking for.

As an established real estate professional, you need to highlight your accomplishments and success in the business. Real estate companies spend a lot of time and money to train new real estate professionals in the business. If you already have your license and some experience under your belt, then you have a big advantage. Your experience and success show that you are an established pro, you have developed a reputation for great client service, and have the capabilities to make money for a company.

If you are new and just starting out, then you will need to focus on your other professional experiences, education, and skills. Successes in other areas demonstrate you know how to make things happen. Extensive training, education, and new skill acquisition, show that you have the willingness and determination to succeed in real estate.

How to write a great real estate professional resume

Whether you have a long or short job history, the main thing you want to get across with each professional experience on your resume is that you are a valuable asset, no matter what the role. Your achievements are more important than the tasks you performed. Don’t just list a bunch of roles and responsibilities. Each job description on your resume should be followed by bullet points that talk about your accomplishments and exceptional performances. Include awards you’ve won, big successful projects you ran, or impressive sales numbers you generated. Anything that shows how great you are. It’s okay to brag a little, but don’t exaggerate, keep it factual and include numbers wherever you can.

The real estate profession covers a lot of different areas. Most people in the field specialize in certain things. Obviously, if you are applying for a specialty real estate position, then you need to build your resume around that specialization. However, even for more generalized real estate roles, it is good to tout any specialization that you have. Your potential new boss will not expect you to be an expert on everything, but if you do have particular areas in which you excel, it is good to highlight those on your resume, as long as they are relevant to the job.

Any real estate job will require that you know how to build and cultivate client relationships. This is perhaps the single largest ability employers in the real estate industry will look for in potential employees. Your real estate professional resume should have information about your client portfolios and how you established and expanded them. Also, include anything you did to develop new business for the companies you worked for. Maybe you created newsletters or blogs online, managed a website, or ran email campaigns. These are all good things that show your initiative and ability to create new revenue opportunities.

Which key skills are relevant for a real estate professional resume?

Being a real estate professional requires a lot of skills. But, you can’t just make your resume into a giant list of skills. Your resume needs to be short (one or two pages), and you want to keep any list of skills on your resume to between 5 and 10 items, so you will have to choose the skills to put on your resume carefully. The best approach is to target your resume to a particular job, otherwise, list your strongest and most relevant skills for the type of job you are looking for.

Some important soft and hard skills for real estate professionals:

  • Real estate knowledge

  • Communication

  • Local knowledge

  • Teaching

  • Tech-savvy

  • Time management

  • Negotiation

  • Honesty and integrity

Real estate professional resume example


Summary example

Multi-faceted and results-focused professional with a wide range of expertise in driving sales growth, maximizing organizational effectiveness, refining daily operations, and optimizing workflows. Dedicated to driving new business by compiling proposals and overseeing full customer lifecycles. Possess extensive knowledge of operations including building new office procedures, supervising finances, drafting inclusive reports, and making recommendations on new business strategies. Wield sharp analytical skills to negotiate contracts, track expenses, and supervise A/P and A/R.

Employment history example

Real estate agent at ABC Real Estate, Lakeland, FL

2019 - Present

Secure high-volume sales by overseeing new buyer processes from initiation to completion. Advance client experiences by providing a trusted source of information regarding property value, the surrounding area, and lending options. Facilitate open lines of communication with clients to clarify their specifications and requests and show them properties that meet their needs. Draft and facilitate contractual paperwork and terms of agreement.

  • Maintain pristine documentation and records of all completed sales while protecting sensitive information. 

  • Build a strong relationship with clients to promote business retention and obtain potential referrals.

  • Ensure deep knowledge in all aspects of homes before showings to address questions accurately.

  • Known for executing smooth transactions and utilizing emotional intelligence to guide clients through buying.

Human Resources & Payroll Specialist at DOHERTY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, Lakeland, FL

2018 - 2019

Reduced turnover by directing a well-structured Human Resources Department, completing timely payroll for more than 800 employees, and developing strong team relationships. Refined onboarding processes to promote the smooth integration of newly hired personnel, processing all paperwork and status updates. Protected employee privacy by handling confidential records with discretion. Strengthened trust with prompt responses to questions and concerns.

  • Kept executives updated on unemployment claims and appeals, relaying key information.

  • Further advanced staff experiences by enrolling them in competitive compensation and benefits packages.

  • Positioned as a highly valued team member trusted to advise managers on potential policy changes.

  • Delivered insight on regulations and protocols to address employment concerns and resolve arising issues.

  • Led all processes for termination and leaves of absence; accurately calculated PTO and vacation time.

Education example

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Skills example

  • Sales Cycle Management

  • Customer Success / Retention

  • Business Development

  • Client Consultations

  • Staffing / Recruiting / Hiring

  • Office Management

  • HR / Benefits / Compensation

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