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Producer Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this producer resume example?
  • How to write a great producer resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a producer resume?
  • Producer resume example

Producers (film, television, or other media) are primarily responsible for the business end of creating a movie or television show. They are usually the first and last people to work on a project and often perform functions that include budgeting, marketing, scheduling, casting, and staffing. The producer may also provide creative input and performances, like writing and acting. Some producers also work closely with directors, while others focus on finances, administrative tasks, and marketing. Jobs in this field often require a college degree along with specialization in filmmaking or broadcast journalism.

Why use this producer resume example?

Being a producer requires managing a lot of things, which requires having a variety of different skills that can be difficult to portray in a focused resume format. Another factor that makes a movie or TV producer resume difficult to write is that producers often work on many projects for different companies. This example resume for an executive producer does a good job of dealing with this by having some key elements up front (like opening credits), including the introduction, list of skills, and major accomplishments. It then includes the Professional Experience section and has Education and Affiliations sections at the end. 

When creating your producer resume, you need to clearly identify the kinds of productions you have managed (film, TV, documentaries, photography, etc.) and for what types of audiences. If a posting has details about the production type, media platform, or market that is similar to work you have done, then highlight those items on your resume. Doing this will make your resume stand out and get a standing ovation from the hiring manager.

How to write a great producer resume

If you have been a producer for any significant length of time, then you have probably worked on a lot of projects–far too many to list on just a couple of pages. How do you give yourself the credit you deserve without making a resume that will bomb? You need to effectively summarize each project without leaving out key details (name of client, project, dates). This still may be a challenge if you have many projects. Be selective about which ones to include. This is where studying the job description comes in handy. List projects that are a good fit for the producer role(s) you are applying for. You can leave out older or less relevant projects.

If you have completed multiple projects over the same time frame, then it can get tedious and boring for the hiring manager to read them. Avoid repeating information. Look at how you can combine the information in a way that is easy to read and minimizes repeating words or dates. You may be able to put them into a table or bulleted list with common details on the first few lines and then the individual project details on indented lines underneath.

Perhaps the best way to make your projects demonstrate your Oscar-caliber skills is by including specifics about how they were successful or how you achieved something spectacular with a project. Obvious things like awards are great, but you can also include that a project came in under budget, raised efficiency, or improved teamwork among crew members. Also, use numbers to show the impact. This makes your accomplishments more understandable and relatable.

Which key skills are relevant for a producer resume?

Film and TV producers oversee all production activities from planning and coordination through post-production, marketing, and release. A producer should have extensive knowledge of media production and communication, with hands-on experience in film technology and software, as well as business acumen. 

Here are some of the best skills to have on your resume as a Producer:

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Time management

  • Organization

  • Creative thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Budgeting and finance

  • Film production

Producer resume example


Summary example

Accomplished production executive with a wide range of expertise including media strategy, financial oversight, story development, production, post-production, marketing, and distribution. Equipped with strengths derived from a progressive career in the film and TV industry including workforce management, technical integration, creative direction, and media consulting. Experienced in budgeting, loan underwriting, cost-saving, training, product ownership, and process development. Extensive high-profile credits in award-winning feature film, television and short-form content representing over $1 billion in production. Experience in non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Employment history example

Executive Producer, STORYWARRIOR MEDIA CAPITAL, Los Angeles, CA 2019 — Present

Spearhead business affairs of complex project management in film and TV including work on the animated feature film “Gracie and Pedro’s Not So Fabulous Adventure”. Maximize success by identifying opportunities that appeal to target audiences. Leverage industry expertise to navigate production challenges. Lead in-depth consultations and present investment opportunities to clients within Deloitte & Touche’s Middle East division. Lead Austin Lake Technologies M&A strategies across the entertainment and technology sectors.

  • Automated financing and production management by implementing new business intelligence tools.

  • Led development as the Writer, Editor, and Producer in integral roles for a 12-episode podcast series titled “Exchange Place: How a Small Struggling School Transformed Civil Rights in New Orleans and the Nation.

  • Accelerate profitability by managing sales cycles for Blue Rider Entertainment Library.

  • Broke ground on the Cultural Development Fund in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with

    business partners.

Education example

University of Southern California, Bachelor of Science, Critical Studies, Film and Television

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