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Photographer Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this photographer resume example?
  • How to write a great photographer resume
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  • Photographer resume example

A photographer resume details your previous experience in the field and establishes you as an expert within this field. Typically, this type of resume is accompanied by a portfolio of published work (such as photographs taken and videos designed in the past). Writing an effective resume will significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job. Most professional photographer jobs require a degree or certification in arts and familiarity with different multimedia tools and equipment.

Why use this photographer resume example?

This photographer resume provides the right blend of technical and creative expertise needed to succeed in this job role. The technical proficiencies section is subdivided into software, equipment, and techniques to showcase your skills in great detail. Furthermore, the resume also leaves some room to talk about your education, licenses, and certifications. 

How to write a great photographer resume

Before writing a photographer resume, you need to decide whether you need a chronological or a functional format. A chronological format provides details on your previous job experiences that are relevant to your field, and it is ideal if you have previous experience in photography. On the other hand, a functional resume describes your skills and how you can apply them to the job you’re applying for. This type of resume is ideal for fresh graduates and people with a different field of expertise who are looking to make a switch to photography. 

After entering your name and contact details in the resume, you need to write a resume objective in 2-3 sentences. This statement should provide a brief overview of your previous experience and skills and communicate your long-term goals to the hiring manager. You can leverage your resume objective to add several job-related keywords to your resume.

Next, you can split your technical skills into different categories. This will make it easier for the hiring manager to determine whether you have the specific job-related skills they are looking for. You can also mention any software solutions you’re adept at. 

Whether you’re opting for a functional or chronological resume, you’ll need a professional experience section to talk about your previous job roles and/or skills in detail. Make sure to include specific accomplishments from your past that showcase your ability to work on a wide array of photography assignments, ranging from corporate to personal. 

In the final section of the resume, you can mention any college courses, licenses, and/or professional certifications in photography you have completed. When hiring photographers, most organizations look for art majors. 

Relevant key skills for a photographer resume

As a photographer, you need to understand all about taking great pictures. Here are a few skills you should consider adding to your photographer resume:

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Creative and artistic skills

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills

  • Basic understanding of intellectual property and copyright laws

  • Computer proficiency 

  • Customer services

  • Business acumen

  • Physical stamina, like the ability to work long hours while standing

  • Time management skills and ability to meet short deadlines

Photographer resume example


Summary example

Experienced photographer with significant list of credits. Skilled in managing complex photo assignments in fast-paced, press-deadline-sensitive environments. Exceptional technical expertise in digital / film / medium-format cameras, darkrooms, chemistries, and photo-processing software. Client-focused with commitment to strong customer service and satisfaction; solid communication and interpersonal skills. Specialized in portraiture, landscape/scenic photography, and photojournalism.

Employment history example

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at Photographer 2015 — Present

Leverage skills and knowledge to manage diverse photographic assignments ranging from prominent political figures, photojournalism, and press photography to photography for informational, marketing and educational brochures and online use. Manage fast-paced functions and situations to maximize photographic opportunities involving senators, assemblymen, governors, and dignitaries; take, organize and archive stock photos. Liaise between Senate Photography Department and PR staffs; schedule and conduct shoots. Provide administrative expertise as assistant to department director, managing workflow, print orders, project priorities, and inventory / database. Train and coach legislative session interns and new administrative teams. For Department of Environmental Conservation, partnered with publication editors and graphic artists to prepare photos for publication and managed trade-show presence.

Key Achievements:

  1. Managed dignitary relationships in demanding environments to maximize compositional effectiveness without intrusiveness.

  2. Designed and created data base to improve accessibility and manageability of inventory and supplies.

  3. Optimized operational efficiency, accuracy and consistency with forms and templates.

  4. Developed online photo-order form to streamline intake.

  5. Streamlined workflow, implementing processes and file back-up system.

  6. Served as subject matter expert for filing and archiving systems.

  7. Produced compelling displays to promote Dept. of Environmental Conservation publication “The Conservationist.”

Designed and produced large-scale event posters and banners.

Education example

BA, Studio Art / Photography at State University of New York, Fredonia, NY

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