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Pharmacist Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is a pharmacist's job?
  • Why use this pharmacist’s resume example?
  • How to write a great pharmacist resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a pharmacist's resume?

The pharmacist resume example is perfect for those who are entering the workforce, changing careers, or seeking a new employer. Designed for highlighting your skills, this resume uses a combination of effective formatting, informative language, and useful organization to make you stand out from the crowd.

What is a pharmacist's job?

Pharmacists play an important role in the healthcare system because they act as a liaison between the public and their doctors. They are responsible for the safe and effective dispensing of pharmaceutical medications. They also verify orders and analyze prescriptions for appropriateness. As the person handing the medication to the patient, they hold a lot of responsibility and collaborate with medical staff and patients alike. 

Why use this pharmacist’s resume example?

This resume uses industry-specific language to showcase your skills. Medicine is considered a specialized field, and it requires a lot of specific processes. Using relevant language is one way to show a recruiter that you are familiar with the pharmacist's environment and regulatory standards. 

In the areas of expertise section of this resume example, you can see that specific therapeutics are described in addition to what types of medical divisions their work was performed in. This is a great use of the resume section because it hooks the recruiter and makes them interested to learn more about your experience. It gives a quick overview of your strongest skills. Try thinking about what skills you want to showcase to grab a recruiter’s attention. 

The credentials section at the bottom is perfect for a pharmacist because there are required qualifications in the field of pharmacy. Adding them at the bottom allows the reader to focus on your skills first, then conclude their review of you with the necessities. 

How to write a great pharmacist resume

  1. Decide what your top 4-6 skills are as a pharmacist. This could be the use of specific therapeutics, specialized knowledge of a drug class, unique departments you’ve worked in, or a task that you are highly proficient at. Add these to your area of expertise section.

  2. Add numbers to your job descriptions to help show value. Instead of saying you can use a pharmacist filing system, say, “Implemented improvements to the existing filing system, increasing usability by 20% and driving customer satisfaction”. The numbers show that you possess the skill at a level that can be repeated and used effectively. 

  3. The professional experience section of your resume should have the most information under your current or most recent job. As you move down the list, you can include less. This will show professional development throughout your career and also prioritizes the most relevant experience. 

  4. Add a section for coursework if it feels relevant to your job search. When choosing courses to include, find ones that show that you meet standards of knowledge for your industry, plus any that show you go above and beyond. 

  5. Pharmacists should always include their highest level of education and any supporting degrees or certifications they have. 

Which key skills are relevant for a pharmacist's resume?

Pharmacists need to implement consistent attention to detail and excellent customer care. It’s important to include all of those skills in your resume so you can be recognized for what you are capable of. Include these skills on your resume if you have experience performing them:

  • Excellent communication

  • Knowledge of pharmacy software systems

  • Medication management

  • Clinical skills

  • In-depth knowledge of drug interactions

Pharmacist resume example


Summary example

Certified clinical and staff pharmacist with PharmD degree and experience providing pharmacy services. Able to optimize patient care by counseling patients and networking with physicians and other health care workers. Committed to providing quality patient care and fast and accurate medication dispensing, ensuring that prescribed medications are appropriate and effective for each individual customer. Proficient at compounding and allocating prescriptions.

Employment history example

Clinical Pharmacist at Swedish Medical Center, Issaquah

2014 - present

Validate all chemotherapy orders for inpatient and ambulatory oncology patients. Discuss concerns with nurses and physicians regarding patient- specific laboratory values, vitals, weight changes, and treatment history. Provide patient counseling concerning ambulatory infusion pumps.

  • Managed a pharmacy-wide audit and inspection, resulting in zero findings and a score of “Outstanding”.

  • Reduced backlog in file management by 30% through effective restructuring of the pharmacy filing system.

  • Served as a SABC Instructor (Self-Aid and Buddy Care) educating 100+ team members on basic life support.

PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident at Northshore University Healthsystem, Evanston

2012 - 2013

Staffed the ambulatory oncology clinic and saw patients with subspecialized oncologists twice weekly. Provided patient counseling and followed up with new patients; offered recommendations regarding supportive care management based on patients’ needs.

  • Delivered presentations to healthcare providers; led journal clubs and discussions with PGY-1 residents.

  • Dispensed and counseled patients on oral oncology medications while staffing the outpatient specialty pharmacy 1-2 times per month.

PGY-1 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Resident at Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield

2011 - 2012

Retrieved drug information from patients regarding pharmacotherapy. Studied patients’ drug profiles and made recommendations to physicians and mid-level practitioners regarding drug therapy interventions. Identified medical safety issues and assessed potential issues regarding reported medication errors. Dispensed and advised patients on oral oncology agents and specialty pharmacy agents.

  • Received multiple for awards for strong work ethic, teamwork, and readiness to go above and beyond to meet crucial deadlines and ensure patient needs were met.

Education example

Doctor of Pharmacy at Washington State University College of Pharmacy

B.A. in Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Biology at Saint Mary’s College of California

Skills example

  • Pharmacy Operations

  • Patient Counseling

  • Prescription Dispensing

  • Medication Therapy

  • Chemotherapy

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