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Nanny Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What should your nanny resume include?   
  • Why use this nanny resume example?
  • Which key skills are relevant for a nanny resume?
  • How should you describe your work experience as a nanny?   
  • How can you create a professional summary for a nanny resume?   
  • Tips on developing an on-point education section for your nanny resume 
  • How to select the correct nanny resume template?
  • Nanny resume example

Being a nanny is demanding and full of responsibilities, but more importantly, an extremely rewarding career. Understandably parents want their children to receive the best level of care, so they’re looking for nannies with strong qualifications and even stronger professional standards. A well-written nanny resume can help you highlight these qualities and standards, so you can stand out as the nanny to hire.

What should your nanny resume include?   

Your nanny resume needs to showcase your creativity, reliability, and your commitment to delivering optimal levels of care to children. No day is the same in the life of a nanny, so being adaptable and able to deal with the unexpected are also skills you need to highlight. It’s literally like being Mary Poppins! Bear in mind, your resume isn’t going to a hiring manager, rather a parent or guardian, so demonstrating your skills the right way is extremely important.  

Why use this nanny resume example?

If you’re a professional nanny who needs to create or update their resume for a job search, our resume template has an easily modified layout that you can tweak to your needs. The professional summary and work experience sections include compelling language to describe your skills, experience, and contributions as a nanny. This includes caring for infants or children and contributing to their growth, engagement, and education as well as managing households, budgets, events, and potentially other staff members.

The perfect nanny resume wraps up with earlier roles listed in an Additional Experience section and  qualifications outlined in the Education section. Choosing a modern, professional, reverse chronological format is the best option for a nanny resume. Our resume example ticks all these boxes and allows the hiring parent or guardian to quickly see your skills and experience in a clear and concise format. 

Which key skills are relevant for a nanny resume?

When listing skills for a nanny resume, make sure they’re relevant to the job you are applying for. Take a close look at your work history and complete a thorough review of the job description so you can sprinkle your resume with the right keywords. Here are some key skills to include:

  • Childcare and nanny services

  • Residence management

  • Budgeting 

  • Calendaring and scheduling

  • Event planning

  • Administration management

How should you describe your work experience as a nanny?   

The all-important work experience section is your opportunity to show parents and guardians why you’re the perfect nanny for their children. Using the job description as your guide, provide families with clear and concise information about your core responsibilities and specific contributions to delivering top-notch childcare. If you don’t have extensive experience as a nanny, consider focusing on your transferable soft skills that support and enhance your general skill set. You can also highlight any part-time jobs or volunteering to showcase experience such as youth work, tutoring, or team-based roles

List your experience in reverse chronological order, and include your job title and years of employment, then a short paragraph of your job responsibilities. Follow this up by showcasing bullet-pointed accomplishments in areas such as organizing childcare, coordinating events, and improving household management. Wherever possible, quantify these accomplishments via facts and figures to demonstrate your impact.

How can you create a professional summary for a nanny resume?   

The professional profile with three key sentences that outline your core skills and experience, as well as the value you can add, is perfect. Make sure to include specific statements about professional values and strengths that are true to your actual work experience. This could include your passion for keeping children safe, happy, and engaged, your ability to build authoritative, trust-based relations with children and families, and how you communicate with clients to identify and fulfill specialized needs.

One great way to highlight your core skill areas is by including an areas of expertise section that tags onto your professional summary (check out our resume example to see how this works). This provides more information on your unique skill set via bullet points. This section can also be a great way to highlight transferable skills if you don’t have any previous experience as a nanny. 

Tips on developing an on-point education section for your nanny resume 

Creating a targeted education section will improve the performance of your nanny resume. Here’s some key areas to focus on:

  • Experience tends to trump education in a nanny’s resume, so place your education section after work experience. If you’ve completed a degree in childhood education make sure to include the details. However, including your highest qualification on your resume is still important, even if it's not directly related to the role of a nanny, as this shows your ability to successfully complete academic studies. 

  • Make sure to include any professional certifications you’ve completed or are working towards, such as newborn care, first aid, nutrition, or language courses. These credentials can help set you apart in the candidate pool.

How to select the correct nanny resume template?

The structure of your resume needs to be organized, professional and impactful - all qualities an employer will be on the lookout for in their next nanny. Stick to a chronological resume format, clean and modern resume design, and clear sections that make the resume easier to read for the hiring parent or guardian.

Nanny resume example


Summary example

Exceptionally efficient, reliable, and trustworthy Nanny. Skilled in prioritizing and executing multiple schedules, projects, events, and oversight duties simultaneously while maintaining discretion and privacy for high-profile families with young children. Instrumental to empowering executives and their families to confidently delegate household management, focus on quality of life, and re-capture equilibrium and joy.

Employment history example

Lead Nanny and Household Manager for ABC Family Services LLC. New York City, NY.

2020 - 2023

Directed all administrative and housekeeping support for dual-property household; managed $.5M annual budget and seven employees, including nannies, housekeepers, chef, and drivers. Managed all correspondence and telephone communications. Coordinated the lady of the house’s calendar, itineraries, and meals; the gentleman’s wardrobe, luggage, packing, and personal items; and the children’s calendars and drivers. Organized parties/events and maintained inventory control of china / silver / wine cellar. Administered payroll tracking and accounts payable; spearheaded expense discrepancy resolution.

  • Maintained an organized system for providing childcare within client’s multiple homes. Created a safe and nurturing environment for the children; provided daily progress reports to include schedule of activities, behaviors, meals, and naps.

  • Solely organized a 100+ guest party; received high praise from household principals for outstanding execution.

  • Hired and trained new house manager / staff, ensured seamless furniture move, and directed designers in property / household setup in Miami Beach in preparation for family’s permanent relocation.

Nanny for a Private Client. New York City, NY.

2018 - 2020

Provided superior care for and supervision of infant and toddler. Enhanced children's physical, emotional, and social well-being by organizing activities to nurture their growth. Fostered communication skill development through reading and storytelling.

  • Ensured the safety and well-being of the children. 

  • Monitored child's life-threatening food allergy, ensuring quick access to EpiPen if needed.

Education example

Associate Degree in Business Administration at Nassau Community College. Garden City, NY.

Skills example

  • Calendaring & Scheduling

  • Residence Management

  • Budget Management

  • Childcare / Nanny Services

  • Household IT Equipment

  • Facilities Maintenance

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