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Musician Producer Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this musician producer resume example?
  • How to write a musician producer resume
  • Which key skills are relevant to a musician producer resume?
  • Musician Producer resume example

Nearly every successful, well-known musician in the modern music industry has a music producer behind them - an expert at promotion, brand-building, and contract negotiation who can get a musician’s face and music out into the world. Whether you’re a full-time music producer or a musician/composer with production experience, a clear, well-written resume can open doors for you and your associates at record labels, performance venues, and other such institutions.

Why use this musician producer resume example?

The musician producer resume template below has a one-page layout by default, with sections such as areas of expertise and education listed in a sidebar to the left. As a result, this template is a useful resource for music producers with a small number of past work experiences, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been stuck with one company for a long time. The boilerplate text for this musician producer resume template is also a model music producers can study when crafting content for their own resumes – clear in syntax, but also rich in specific details. The professional summary in particular stands out for having phrases and responsibility descriptions that can apply to a wide variety of music positions

How to write a musician producer resume

This one-page musician producer resume template can be roughly divided into roughly six sections: header (where your name, job title, and contact information would go), professional summary, areas of expertise, the education section, experience highlights, and additional experience. Even if you choose to write your own music producer resume from scratch, it’s worth keeping this layout to maximize your content’s clarity and avoid wasted effort.

If you’re a producer who focuses entirely on the business and promotional side of the music business, you can probably use the boilerplate summary text without needing to rewrite it extensively. Adding one or two statements about personal strengths and professional attitudes, might be all that is needed. If you have a background in music performance, composition, arranging, or recording, you can rework the summary to talk about how you use your musical talents to help artistic talents grow and connect with the right audiences.

After listing key skills in your resume’s areas of expertise sections and any business/music degrees/diplomas you’ve earned in the education section, you should polish off your resume by describing your past careers and endeavors. List your current careers and recent past careers in the experience highlights sections, describing your general responsibilities in paragraphs and special accomplishments in bullet points. List any past careers from more than 10+ years ago in the additional experiences section, describing the job title, the work location, and the company name.

Under certain circumstances, you might want to omit the start and end dates from your additional experiences and education sections in order to avoid ageist prejudices from hiring managers or potential clients.

Which key skills are relevant to a musician producer resume?

The key skills listed in your resume’s Areas of Expertise section may include, but aren’t limited to, the following terms:

  • Talent scouting

  • Revenue growth

  • Sales proposals

  • Artist retention

  • Royalty management

  • Music publishing

  • Contract negotiations

  • Business development

  • Brand management

  • Strategic planning

  • Verbal communication

  • Time management

  • Musical instrument proficiency (keyboard, brass, string, woodwinds, percussion, etc.)

  • Music composition skills

  • Music arrangement skills

Musician Producer resume example


Summary example

Detail-focused professional with a background in the music industry and a passion for contributing to managing musical talent, building brands, and fostering collaborative business relationships. Experienced in A&R, managing a portfolio of new and existing artists, optimizing client experiences, and negotiating contracts in association with managers and agents. Articulate communicator capable of relaying realistic expectations and formulating actionable plans that position artists for growth and brand expansion.

Employment history example

Guitarist as Independent Musician. Chicago, IL.

2018 - Present

Demonstrate elite talent and earn the attention of A&R executives with powerful performances. Exhibit songwriting talent for multiple demographics. Developed a loyal following through social media engagement, compelling online posts, and updates on upcoming projects. Obtained locations for live performances and set up equipment, including merchandise displays.

  • Utilized negotiation skills to close two record deals.

  • Produced millions of streams, following the launch of four music projects.

Sales Planner at Discovery Inc. Chicago IL.

2016 - 2021

Drove significant revenue growth and positioned the company for high-volume closings by working with senior leaders to develop and launch cutting-edge sales proposals. Increased brand trust by customizing sales pitches to meet the specific needs of advertising clients and target audiences. Maintained a competitive edge by researching emerging industry trends.

  • Managed major advertising accounts and built lasting relationships across networks to enhance business retention. 

  • Advanced sales by assessing sales results and adjusting strategies to meet prevailing needs.

  • Addressed pain points and improved client experiences.

Marketing Manager at Soulful Prairies. Woodstock, IL.

2014- 2022

Increased brand visibility and awareness by launching engaging events, including an annual charity concert. Identified opportunities with high growth potential. Pursued meetings with prospective clients by networking with musicians and other musical talent. Created solid partnerships with sponsors and donors. 

  • Attracted 3K in concert attendees and generated $200K in donations.

  • Developed compelling marketing campaigns by incorporating strategic brand messaging.

  • Produced a consistent brand voice across all promotional collateral.

Education example

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Marketing at University of Iowa

Skills example

  • Talent Scouting

  • Revenue Growth

  • Sales Proposals

  • Royalty Management

  • Music Publishing

  • Contract Negotiations

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