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Marketing Coordinator Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What should your marketing coordinator resume include?   
  • How to select the most impactful marketing coordinator resume template
  • Key takeaways for writing a marketing coordinator resume

Marketing is an exciting and growing career field. If you love social media, digital growth strategies, and analyzing market trends, a marketing coordinator role may be perfect for you. Companies are always looking for marketing professionals to help them expand their customer base and grow their revenues. But to beat out the competition, you’ll need a strong resume that highlights your skills to impress hiring managers and land your dream job in marketing.

Follow this marketing coordinator resume guide as we outline the following topics:

  • What should a marketing coordinator resume include?

  • Advice on each section of your resume (summary, work history, education)

  • Adding relevant key skills to your marketing coordinator resume

  • Choosing the right resume template for a marketing coordinator

What should your marketing coordinator resume include?   

Your marketing coordinator resume should emphasize your skills in marketing while showcasing your ability to connect with clients and customers in a compelling way. Employers are eagerly looking to hire candidates with strong qualifications and accomplishments, so make sure you incorporate relevant experiences that speak to your ability to market a product or service.

Your marketing coordinator resume should be broken down into the following categories:

  • A header with your contact information

  • Your introductory resume summary 

  • A skills section

  • Your employment history section

  • Your education 

How can you create a professional summary?

Your professional summary serves as an introduction to who you are and sets the tone for the resume. As the first main section of the resume, it’s important that your summary uniquely positions you as the top choice for the position. For a personalized touch, add a one- or two-line subheading before the summary, providing a value proposition or brand statement to help you differentiate yourself from other marketing coordinators.

If you’re not sure what to include in your professional summary, start with referencing your skills and expertise in the marketing industry. You can also mention any technical proficiencies, software programs, or industry tools in which you’re knowledgeable. Immediately following your summary, a good practice is to add a list of core skills that are most relevant to the marketing coordinator role.

How should you describe your work experience as a marketing coordinator?   

The work experience section is where you would list the past positions you’ve held along with dates, location, and company names. Put them in reverse chronological order since recruiters are most interested in what you’ve done most recently.

Start each job entry with a centered, italicized one- or two-line overview describing the scope of your role. This serves as a unique way to succinctly present the type/scope of the company, the range of industries you’ve served in and/or the size and scale of your employers.

Then, provide more details about your daily duties in a three-to-five-line paragraph. Separate your accomplishments in a bulleted list to draw the reader in to the impact you’ve made in your past roles. Be sure to add numbers and metrics to add validity to your claims and strengthen your bullets.

Here's a quick accomplishment example for a marketing coordinator:

  • Expanded brand awareness, triggering a 70% increase in prospects, raising social media presence 115%, and boosting website traffic 175%.

Expert Tip

Include a portfolio of past projects to your application

As marketer, it’s important to demonstrate not only your creativity, but the results you have generated for past companies. A portfolio of past marketing projects can add a nice touch to your application as hiring managers can get a feel for your unique style and gain trust in your ability to produce results. You can simply add the link to your portfolio to the top of the resume or add the link in your cover letter when submitting your application.

Include an education and certifications section in your marketing coordinator resume

If you’re serious about your marketing career, you may have earned some credentials in the field. This is a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates and showcase the expertise you’ve gained through formal education, certifications, or industry trainings.

Convey your educational endeavors in the education and certifications section of the resume. Make sure you list the name of the degree, course, certification, or training along with the dates of completion.

Which key skills are relevant for a marketing coordinator resume?

Marketing is a broad field with several areas of specialties. When listing your skills, it’s important to make sure the skills you choose are most relevant to the specified area of marketing you’re targeting. If you’re not sure, refer to the job descriptions of the positions you’re applying for to grab key phrases to incorporate into your resume. 

Make sure to sprinkle your key skills throughout your past roles to reassure the hiring manager that you have not just learned the skill through training but have used them in a real world, on-the-job setting.

Key skills relevant to a marketing coordinator role may include:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Content strategy

  • Data analysis

  • Prospect & lead generation

How to select the most impactful marketing coordinator resume template

As a marketing professional your resume needs to be well organized, professional, and polished. Not only does this approach make it easier for recruiters to read your resume, but it also serves as a compelling representation of your professional identity, leaving a lasting and positive impression.

Don’t worry about going into two pages if you need to. Just make sure sections are clearly separated and formatting styles are consistent throughout. 

When exploring our many resume templates in our resume builder, start by selecting the resume layout that fits your situation best. Find inspiration with our over 500 available resume examples.

Marketing coordinator resume example

Marketing Coordinator Copyable Example

Summary example

Enthusiastic, creative professional with six years of success developing new business opportunities and generating unprecedented brand awareness through engaging marketing strategies.

Track record of accomplishment leveraging corporate events, social networking, online channels, print and broadcast media, and professional networks to build consumer interest and visibility. Strong administrative talents with keen attention to deadlines, budgets, client expectations, and company standards. Technically proficient with several marketing and business software applications. Cross-cultural perspective with multilingual fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

- Areas of Key Emphasis -

  • Marketing Strategy & Execution

  • Event Coordination & Management

  • New Business Development

  • Strategic Communication Plans

  • Program Planning & Administration

  • Social Media & Online Marketing Channels

  • Data Analysis & Trend Identification

  • Prospect & Lead Generation

  • Professional Network Development

  • Multi-Industry Expertise

Employment history example

Marketing Coordinator at Martin, Mavis & Garcia, New Jersey 2018 - Present

Implement business development/marketing campaigns, including event coordination, network building, and cultivating various communication channels for established law firm.

Provide end-to-end leadership for diverse events, including educational seminars and community outreach. Promote brand visibility through development of impactful presentations and promotional collateral in addition to compelling website and social media content. Track data related to market trends and campaign performance; generate reports for senior management.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Expanded brand awareness, triggering a 70% increase in prospects, raising social media presence by a notable 115%, and boosting website traffic by an impressive 175%.

  • Spearheaded marketing platform comprised of a highly effective email campaign, event planning, and creative prospecting.

Marketing Coordinator at Pepper Financial Partners, Springfield, New Jersey 2015 - 2018

Propelled revenue growth and brand development through cross-platform marketing and communication strategies for established financial services/investment company.

Education example

Bachelor of Science in Management & Marketing at MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY, Montclair, New Jersey

Skills example

  • Effective Time Management

  • Leadership

  • Communication Skills

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Constant Contact

Key takeaways for writing a marketing coordinator resume

  1. Craft a compelling professional summary that highlights your unique value proposition and marketing expertise.

  2. Showcase your past positions in reverse chronological order, providing concise overviews of roles and impressive accomplishments with metrics.

  3. Use bulleted lists to emphasize accomplishments, incorporating numbers and metrics for validation. 

  4. Tailor your skills to the specific marketing area you're targeting, integrating key phrases from job descriptions and incorporate skills throughout your past roles.

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