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Marketing Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this marketing resume example?
  • How to write a great marketing resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a marketing resume?
  • Marketing resume example

Marketing involves creating and implementing marketing strategies, authoring sales copy, collaborating with business stakeholders, planning promotional events, and overseeing social media activity. Some of the best resumes for marketing professionals highlight skills like communication, presenting, sales, marketing knowledge, innovation, and teamwork. People in marketing often wear multiple professional hats.

As with any resume, an outstanding marketing resume must be well-written, cleanly formatted, and be an appropriate length relative to your experience. Shorter is better, but you need to make sure it contains all the relevant details of your employment and education, along with all your unique abilities.

Why use this marketing resume example?

The example marketing manager resume uses the classic style with an introduction and summary. It then jumps into lists of relevant skills and accomplishments. Marketing involves a lot of different activities and requires many skills. You need to list the skills that are most important to the job that you are applying for. Don’t make the list too long, or the hiring manager may get bored or may be skeptical that you have all those skills.

The career experience section should focus on your last ten years' worth of work experience. This is important because it helps keep the resume short. Employers are most interested in what you have done recently. You can include older experience in an additional experience section, but the descriptions should be very brief.

The accomplishments listed for each job are relevant to the marketing profession, and most include numbers to demonstrate precisely how the achievement contributed to the success of the business. This is crucial to grab the reader’s attention, and so they will see how you added value to your roles.

How to write a great marketing resume

When you are creating your new resume, think about what makes your skill set unique. What abilities and experiences do you have that make you different from every other marketer? Utilize these things throughout your resume to create a truly effective and compelling picture. 

For each of your work experiences, keep the description short, just a sentence or two. Give a basic explanation of your high-level job responsibilities. Avoid using flowery language with a lot of adjectives. The most important part of each work experience is to list your achievements. Use bullet points to make them stand out and be easy to read. Include quantifiable results, and keep each bullet to about one line.

You should also include a section, usually at the end, for your education, training, and certifications. These should also be very short, just a line or two. Include the degree, course, or certificate name and the name of the issuing school or organization. You don’t have to include anything that is over ten years old, except for major degrees or certifications that are still valid. You can leave the dates off of anything that is over ten years old.

Proofread your resume carefully and remember that your goal is to impress the hiring manager. If anything sounds redundant or bland, then change it. Make sure that everything pops and will keep their attention.

Which key skills are relevant for a marketing resume?

A marketing professional has to be able to do a lot of things well, but which skills are the best ones to include on your resume to ensure you land that great new job? Are you a great researcher? Can you design eye-catching graphics, or develop engaging content? Awesome, leverage those skills in your resume, both on your list of skills and your career experience sections. Play to your strengths and put your strongest abilities first. But always make sure they are important to the employer and the role you are applying for.

Here are some of the hottest hard and soft skills you should include on your marketing resume:

  • Strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • Content management 

  • Social media expertise

  • Customer relationship management 

  • B2B marketing

  • Market analysis

  • Campaign management 

  • Training and development

Marketing resume example


Summary example

Proven success managing digital marketing, overseeing and delivering projects from inception to completion, and creating compelling campaigns that boost engagement and drive brand recognition. Instrumental in driving growth through all relevant channels and increasing traffic/conversion to boost sales, ROI, and bottom line in highly competitive markets. Excellent communication and leadership skills with an innate ability to build robust rapport with internal/external stakeholders and formulate marketing strategies for new market penetration and existing market revitalization. Excel at leveraging strategic thinking and creativity to deliver unforgettable consumer experiences and foster brand loyalty.

Employment history example

Marketing Project Manager, Elligo Health Research Quincy, MA May 2022 - Present

Manage multileveled projects from inception, marketing, and launch to completion. Oversee and delegate projects/tasks to appropriate team members based-on project deliverables and team member utilization/allocation. Monitor and coordinate efforts of the internal and external project teams and act as the primary point of contact for clients. Track progress of milestones and KPIs through Salesforce and Google Ads. Communicate project-specific reports to external stakeholders. Cultivate and maintain strong client relationships through effective communication. Maintain and disseminate study-specific and financial reporting.

  • Managed multiple concurrent marketing initiatives with ease.

  • Employed a high level of customer service and industry insight to collaborate effectively with internal and external teams, providing an optimal experience for clients.

Community Manager , Gables Residential Boston, MA Apr 2013 - May 2022

Implemented cost-control and revenue improvement programs, as well as developed annual operating budgets and designed new marketing and outreach plans. Utilized Knock CRM software for continuous outreach to clients. Motivated, supervised, and trained staff through group sessions to keep up to date on latest advancements.

  • Managed a multimillion-dollar asset and maintained a consistent occupancy rate of 95%.

  • Led a successful public relations campaign for a property tarnished by previous management.

  • Boosted social media engagement and employed subject matter expertise in Social Bakers software to track social media growth.

  • Achieved highest possible net operating income via implementation of effective cost control and revenue improvement programs.

Education example

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, NH Hampshire University, Southern New Manchester2019

Skills example

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Revenue & Profit Growth

  • Social Media Implementation

  • Traditional & Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Management

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • B2B Marketing

  • Market Trend Analysis

  • Campaign Management

  • Training & Development

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