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Journalist Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this journalist resume example?
  • Which key skills are relevant to a journalist resume?

There are all sorts of journalists and all sorts of media companies that hire journalists. Some journalists might go the classic route and work for print newspapers or magazines. Others might create content for news feeds or online websites. Still, others might be asked to create scripts for news videos or snippets of information on social media. Whatever form of media you want to work with, you’ll need an excellent professional resume if you want to be hired as a journalist. Besides technical skills such as research or writing, any journalist resume also needs to list your past experiences with news reporting, your ability to meet deadlines, and your passion for sharing the truth with the world.

Why use this journalist resume example?

The resume example below, built around the chronological resume template, has lots of useful features that job-seekers looking to create a journalist resume will appreciate.

First off, it gives you lots of space to write a detailed professional summary - a paragraph where you talk about your personal strengths as a journalist (your ethics, passion, commitment to accuracy, etc.). This resume section is also a great space for you to describe your specialties as a journalist - the specific news topics you’ve published stories about in the past, and your extensive knowledge of newsworthy topics such as world cultures, science, technology, climate, and so on.

The sample resume’s professional experience section - right below the areas of expertise section - is also carefully designed to let you share your journalist/media work experiences in formats that recruiters or hiring managers can easily understand. This section uses a classic, easy-to-parse job listing format where everyday responsibilities are described in a single paragraph and special accomplishments are listed in bullet-point.

Which key skills are relevant to a journalist resume?

Every journalist needs to be an excellent researcher, and your resume should reflect this by mentioning times when you gathered info on a complicated, messy incident and explained it to readers/audiences with clear, elegant, simple phrases. Your journalist's resume should also talk about your storytelling skills - specifically, your ability to tell the story of real people and places with language and perspective that get readers/audiences to care.

Communication skills are always worth mentioning on your resume - i.e. your ability to share and collaborate with editors, production teams, and other colleagues in your media workplace. Perhaps the most important journalist quality you can mention in resumes or interviews is your integrity - your commitment to making sure the news stories you create are both accurate and nuanced, and share truths that citizens from all backgrounds need to hear.

Recruiters for newspapers, news sites, news feeds, and new channels are also on the lookout  for journalist resumes with skills like these

  • Political & legal reporting

  • News casting/production

  • Political discourse/podcasts

  • Marketing strategies & campaigns

  • Public & media relations

  • Corporate communications

  • Scriptwriting & editorial support

  • Community / investigative journalism

  • Creative team leadership

  • Proofreading/fact-checking

  • Time management


Summary example

Detail-oriented and award-winning journalist with 15+ years of experience in covering national and international news stories; keen on exploring unexpected angles and producing factual, ethical, and impactful investigative articles. Stellar record of leading collaborative media productions, driving editorial and communications strategies, managing news teams, and introducing influential podcast series. Leader of internal communications, creative teams, multimedia divisions, and corporate communications departments; conceptualize, develop, and execute marketing campaigns that build memorable brands. Demonstrated success in extensive and consistent reporting on the connections between climate, agriculture, livelihoods, and migration, as well as deep and expansive reporting on South Asia on a diverse range of issues. Seasoned in training and mentoring writing teams, ensuring high editorial standards, and expanding business impact.

Employment history example

Independent Journalist in US/India 2019 - Present

Develop innovative reports on a global scale, including climate refugees in US West Coast, agricultural pest behavior changes due to climate change in East Africa, West, and South Asia, and COVID-19 lockdown impact on artisanal fishing communities cohabiting along Indi’s Coromandel Coast. Establish current podcast series to describe India’s rare environmental victory against largest mining company, Vedanta.

  • Reported on policy implications for climate-related diplomacy and climate-resilient agricultural practices and achieved climate-related comparisons on a global scale.

  • Simplified complex environmental issues through an engaging podcast series.

Associate Editor at New Generation Media, Chennai, India 2013 - 2014

Delivered editorial direction to a start-up national English language news channel. Organized editorial meetings and collaborated with reporters and other bureaus to provide story ideas, monitor reporters, and handle editorial perspective. Mentored new employees to write scripts, headlines, and reports, while conducting research for online videos.

  • Led 20+ employee news team and provided expert training for copy editors, voice-over artists, producers, and social media managers.

  • Co-founded and initiated the only online news platform as well as established the news bureau of Chennai, India.

Senior Special Correspondent at India Today, New Delhi India 2005 - 2013

Managed legal reporting team to present stance on India’s top cases at the Supreme Court as well as news reporting from Delhi High Court and lower courts. Reported on all cases of national and global relevance, including petitions to decriminalize homosexuality, cases of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and failed attempt of Novartis’ to evergreen anticancer flagship drug Gleevec.

  • Steered credibility and trust to the news channel's legal reporting, while serving as the Chief Legal Reporter of India Today TV.

  • Guided a team of junior reporters on lower court beats to ensure delivery of timely, incisive, and factually correct and reliable news from all the legal beats from New Delhi, India.

  • Played a crucial role in India Today's national news bureau by maintaining up-to-date knowledge of global and national political news.

Education example

  • M.A. Journalism at Asian College of Journalism.

  • B.A. Economics at University of Madras

Skills example

  • Event Management

  • Political & Legal Reporting

  • News Casting / Production

  • Political Discourse / Podcasts

  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

  • Public & Media Relations

  • Corporate Communications

  • Script Writing & Editorial Support

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