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HVAC Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What should your HVAC resume include? 
  • Why use this HVAC resume example? 
  • Which key skills are relevant for an HVAC resume? 

From homeowners to business owners, there is one person that everyone needs all year round: the ever-requested HVAC professional. HVAC professionals are so coveted because they can make sure our homes or commercial properties are comfortable in every season. Even during the pandemic, HVAC professionals were deemed essential workers. So, if you are an aspiring HVAC professional looking to grow in your field, you need a great resume to land the right job. You need a detailed, concise resume that lines up your education and professional experience neatly on one page. Learn more about what makes an excellent HVAC resume example.

What should your HVAC resume include? 

When considering a great resume to apply for an HVAC position, there are both general and specific parts that are necessary. To start, your name and contact information should be listed at the top of the first page. Contact information to be added includes email, phone number, location, and professional social media such as LinkedIn. 

Below the header, add a summary that concisely describes where you are in your career and where you plan to go. Give yourself a title, which could include the title in the job advertisement, such as “HVAC Service Technician.” Then, use bullet points to display your skills and proudly display your career experience and education. 

Why use this HVAC resume example? 

HVAC service technicians and other professionals are great at many things, from air conditioning repair to improving indoor air quality. However, if writing skills aren’t at the top, finding a great resume example for inspiration is an ideal way to get your point across to a potential employer. 

Our resume example is everything that an effective resume has to be. Formatting should be concise, under two pages, and content should be concise and detailed. With the summary, a hiring manager immediately gets the right idea about you. It is straightforward, easy to read, and displays all of the relevant information (and nothing irrelevant) necessary to apply for a position in the HVAC industry.

Which key skills are relevant for an HVAC resume? 

As displayed in our premium resume example, it is shown that you need to show off your most important skills as an HVAC Service Technician or other HVAC position. There are several vital skills relevant to a thriving career in HVAC. Include these hard skills in your resume to stand out from the competition.

  • Electrical skills

  • Knowledge and experience with HVAC systems

  • Hand and power tool experience

  • Reading blueprints

  • Working knowledge of safety standards

  • Mechanical skills

Resume Example

Summary example

Highly skilled and personable HVAC Technician with 10+ years of hands-on experience, specialized training, and expert knowledge in the installation, repair, retrofit, and maintenance of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills; able to explain complex procedures to clients and apprentices in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Passionate about the HVAC field, dedicated to providing exceptional service and remaining current on industry standards and best practices.

Employment history example

HVAC Installation and Service Tech at JERSEY SHORE HVAC, Hammonton, New Jersey 2011 - Present

Provide outstanding HVAC services for residential and commercial accounts throughout New Jersey. Mount, install, fabricate, and/or connect all types of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. Troubleshoot systems, identify malfunctions, and repair or replace sealants, parts, or components. Research and order parts and equipment as needed. Complete scheduled preventive maintenance service at client sites. Lead or work on projects both independently and collaboratively–depending on complexity of installation or repair. Completed residential plumbing projects as well as repairs and retrofits on oil burning furnaces and boilers in addition to HVAC work while employed by DJ Mascioli.

  • Selected to serve as lead HVAC Tech for local winery (Jersey Shore HVAC’s account) noted for embracing green energy sources; installation project and green energy equipment were featured in local and industry publications.

  • Commended for successfully installing several multi-zoned Geo-Thermal Systems in homes and in light commercial buildings, and for installing new high-efficiency multi-zone boiler system in four-story historical building.

  • Acknowledged for exceptional work ethic and adhering to industry and safety protocols, resulting in being entrusted with formally mentoring apprentices and assistants.

  • Received numerous accolades from clients and supervisors for superior workmanship throughout career.

Education example

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Certificate at Camden County Vocational School

  • Professional Training, EPA Certified | Attend Various HVAC Vendor Presentations

Skills example

  • HVAC Installation & Retrofitting

  • Gas, Oil & Electric Systems

  • System Repair & Troubleshooting

  • Air/Water Treatment Systems

  • Geo-Thermal & Boiler Systems

  • Customer Relations

  • Industry Standards & Safety

  • Blueprints & Schematics

  • Project Management

  • New Hire & Apprentice Training

  • Daily Log Documentation

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