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HR Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is an HR manager’s job?
  • Why use this HR manager resume example?
  • Which key skills are relevant to an HR manager’s resume?

An HR manager is crucial for every business. They are often the face of the organization that employees see first. Their range of skills help them advocate for employees while considering the company’s interest. Because of this, you will face stiff competition when applying for an HR manager role. To prepare, first create a resume that shows off your greatest skills. The sample found in this guide will help you.

What is an HR manager’s job?

An HR manager is responsible for providing a business with people-management services. They are responsible for hiring, training, and employee development on all levels. The role requires an HR manager to ensure employee policies are in place and followed properly. In many instances, they  oversee payroll processing, benefits coordination, employee complaints, and promotions. HR managers play a critical role because they help ensure companies follow all rules and regulations. 

Why use this HR manager resume example?

This HR manager resume sample is perfect for skilled human resources professionals for several reasons. In the opening section, you can use a paragraph summary to outline your experience and qualifications. Then, include a bulleted list of your key skills. This is a great place to include any industry keywords that you find in the job posting of the specific job you’re targeting.

In the career experience section, you can show more of your human resources skills and go through the exact roles you’ve played in the organizations you’ve worked for. For each job, include a paragraph that outlines your day-to-day tasks. No need to include every responsibility. It’s best to only include the most relevant tasks, along with any management responsibilities. These are followed by easy-to-read bullet points that highlight some of your biggest achievements. You could highlight special projects or initiatives that you launched. 

Throughout the resume, include concrete numbers, such as the number of employees you’ve overseen. Also, don’t forget to add any type of education and training-related items you have in the education section of your resume. This could include anything from your college degree to specialized certifications in the human resources industry.

Which key skills are relevant to an HR manager’s resume?

An HR manager should be very people-focused but still be able to work with the higher management and leadership teams within an organization. This means that their skills are robust and varied because of the many hats they wear daily. When you are adding skills to your resume, here are some of the ones you may want to consider including:

  • Employee development and retention

  • Recruitment and performance

  • Legal and regulatory best practices

  • Project planning and management

  • People management and training

  • Risk and disaster management

  • Workforce planning

  • Employment law compliance

  • Employee relations and police management

  • Compensations and benefits

  • HR policy and handbook development


Summary example

Solution-driven, well-rounded business professional with record of impacts spanning key functions of HR. Attentive, trusted advisor on matters of employee relations, conflict resolution, performance management, compensation, and regulatory compliance. Solid success in working with department leaders to understand personnel needs and formulate robust recruiting and hiring strategies to meet requirements. Passion for creating cultures of inclusion, continuous improvement, and goal attainment in which employees are inspired to put forth their best effort. Also bringing extensive background in general business and accounting.

Employment history example

Human Resources Manager at Route America, Frankfort, KY 2018 - Present

Lead design and delivery of forward-thinking HR strategies to enhance organizational health, attract and retain top talent, and ensure fair and compliant business practices. Serve as chief HR advisor to department heads while steering quality-driven HR operations, including full-cycle recruitment, onboarding, and retention of top talent aligned with business needs. Oversee daily HR Department operations, including strategic planning; business group advisement; and full-cycle recruitment, on-boarding, and retention of top talent. Work with Payroll to orchestrate proper administration of employee benefits packages. Prepare offer letters and administer drug / alcohol testing. Maintain Employee Handbook with ongoing additions, revisions, and updates.

  • Ensured company hired the right people / skill sets for open positions by partnering with departmental leaders to identify talent gaps / needs and formulating appropriate hiring strategies.

  • Reduced unwanted turnover and increased employee morale, satisfaction, and retention through improved screening, hiring, communication, training protocols, and additional benefits.

  • Achieved high employee morale and retention through effective employee relations, performance management, and performance evaluation processes.

Senior Human Resources (HR) Manager at Target Corporation — Fairbanks 2015 - 2018

Oversaw HR functions for staff of 70+, providing direct leadership to team of five. Served as direct point of contact between headquarters and cross-functional departments regarding all HR matters. Coordinated administration and tracking of awards, evaluations, promotions, leaves, and other related matters. Developed, implemented, updated, and ensured compliance with HR processes, policies and procedures.

  • Steered design and deployment of system for supporting, scheduling, and tracking performance reviews, awards travel, and other staff-management / HR functions.

  • Conceived and implemented system for tracking accountability that was adopted by headquarters for future use.

  • Commended for single-handedly identifying and resolving 70+ staffing discrepancies across five locations.

  • Spearheaded development and implementation of new professional development program and all related training materials, leading to promotion of five team members.

Education example

Bachelor of Science in Human Resources at University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Skills example

  • HR Strategy & Execution

  • Organizational Development

  • Workforce Planning

  • Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Employee Morale & Retention

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