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Educator Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this educator resume example?
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  • Educator resume example

An educator resume is a type of specialized resume that focuses on the applicant’s education and past teaching/classroom experience. Both factors are equally important in helping you secure a job as a teacher or trainer.

It’s worth mentioning that an educator resume is different from a curriculum vitae that is prepared for tenured college/university professors, PhD holders, or provosts. The latter tends to be a lot more detailed (typically extending to five or more pages). 

Why use this educator resume example?

This resume template is ideal for elementary, middle, and high school teachers with a few years of experience. It focuses on the applicant’s ability to engage both with students in a classroom as well as their parents. 

The objective statement contains certain phrases that highlight the applicant’s ability to have engaging discussions in a classroom setting that pique their students’ curiosity. Similarly, the area of expertise section talks about some of the key job-related skills related to an educator. 

How to write a great educator resume

The first section in your resume, just after your name, is your resume objective. This will be a short paragraph with three to four sentences that talk about your previous teaching experience, educational qualifications, and classroom skills. You must include certain adjectives that are common in all job postings involving teaching such as compassionate, articulate, educated, adaptable, amiable, and student-minded.

In the next section (areas of expertise), you’ll state your key job-specific skills, using keywords and phrases from the job description.

You’ll then create the professional experience section where you’ll present your previous job experience in a reverse chronological order. Each job detail will include day-to-day responsibilities (in a paragraph) and key accomplishments (in a bulleted list). Quantify your accomplishments with numbers and/or data whenever possible.

Your education is equally important. After talking about your professional experience, mention your educational credentials in a reverse chronological sequence (the latest degree mentioned first). If you have received any awards or recognition as part of your education, it’s important to mention them as well. Many states require a license or teaching certificate, so it’s important to mention this detail. 

As a teacher, you should not only be familiar with the different styles of teaching, but also the different tools and techniques used for teaching. If you’re proficient in any online or classroom teaching software solutions, you need to mention them.

If you have published any research papers under your name or have been part of a research project, you can mention this in your resume. While it’s not compulsory, this type of information goes a long way in helping you stand out among other job applicants. 

Relevant key skills for an educator resume

Since your job is to interact and engage with students of specific age groups, you’ll need to have sufficient education and practical experience in this field. Some of the key skills required for a teaching job include:

  • Classroom management

  • Curriculum design

  • Lesson planning and presentation

  • Maintaining and updating student records

  • Behavior management

  • Time management

  • Performance evaluations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Decision-making

  • Innovation and adaptability

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Leadership, teamwork, and collaboration

Educator resume example


Summary example

Blending industry knowledge, inspiring leadership, and teaching expertise to promote the academic, developmental, and social growth of developing learners. Dedicated, impassioned educator with talent for connecting with children and leading faculty in providing students with positive, enriching learning experiences. Solid success in creation and implementation of lesson plans to engage students in active learning while encouraging creativity, curiosity, discovery, and independence. Talent for building positive rapport with students, caregivers, and colleagues, while directing all aspects of facility operations and classroom management in line with regulatory standards.

Employment history example

Executive Director / Head Teacher, Mira Mesa Presbyterian Preschool, San Diego, CA

2008 — 2021

Managed daily pre-school operations, facility and classroom readiness, staffing and team development, curriculum and lesson planning, student and parent engagement, and high-quality classroom instruction to meet the needs of diverse young learners. Led team of 11 staff members comprising teachers, aides, and administrators. Oversaw daily opening and closing of building; ensured facility was equipped with needed supplies, tools, and equipment. Reviewed teacher lesson plans, ran staff meetings, updated parents on preschool activities and student progress, and managed escalated issues. Coordinated licensing processes and paperwork for staff. Produced monthly report for Board of Directors.

  • Served as “face of the school” to parents, and built productive, harmonious relationships with current and prospective students and their family members.

  • Maintained steady enrollment numbers; key factor in attaining reputation as a top preschool.

  • Structured daily activities to provide an effective blend of activities to meet diverse student needs. Infused

    into lessons innovative technologies to bring subject matter to life.

  • Kept children safe, both physically and emotionally, driving compliance with Title 22 regulations.

  • Built a solid team of dedicated educators. Scheduled and held mandatory trainings for staff on sexual

    harassment, and CPR / First Aid, as well as yearly professional growth days for staff.

  • Introduced continual process improvements, including move to automated communications.

  • Managed all requirements to enable uninterrupted learning in wake of COVID-19 pandemic, including

    establishing all Covid-19 protocols related to instruction, building visitors, online learning, and more.

  • Coordinated planning and execution of special events, holiday parties, graduations, and more.

Education example

Associate of Science in Child Development, San Diego, CA

2006 — 2008

Member, National Association for the Education of Young Children

Skills example

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Pre-School Operations Oversight

  • Faculty Development & Leadership

  • Curriculum Development

  • Lesson & Activity Planning

  • High-Quality Instruction

  • Educator Licensing

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Student Record Keeping

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