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Driver Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is a driver’s job?
  • Why use this driver resume example?
  • How to write a great driver resume
  • Which key skills are relevant to a driver resume?

A professional driver comes with a unique blend of skills and attributes, but what’s often most important is a strong work ethic. Time management is crucial since delivering packages promptly is the foundation for this role. Communication is also an important skill because drivers need to communicate with dispatchers and customers alike to navigate challenges. If you are a driver who is looking for ways to make these important skills stand out, this resume example and writing guide is for you.

What is a driver’s job?

A driver’s job entails transporting goods and products, and sometimes even people, from one location to another. Not only does this job require top-quality driving and navigation skills, but a driver needs to display professionalism at all times, provide timely services, and have a vehicle that is ready for the job at any time. Drivers also need to have the ability to lift and move packages, plan routes, and have a flexible work schedule.

Why use this driver resume example?

This resume example is perfect for drivers because it highlights relevant experience and knowledge while also sharing information about driver certifications and training. In the summary section, you can show your knowledge of state federal traffic laws and how safety and timeliness are your top priorities. You can also use the areas of expertise section to draw attention to other important skills needed to be an effective driver.

When writing your professional experience section, you can demonstrate how each position you’ve held has led you to become the safe and efficient driver that you are today. You can also highlight some accomplishments you’ve achieved to underscore your commitment to customer service.

The education & training section is perfect for organizing your credentials and training information. Licenses and certifications can also easily be added to show you have what it takes to be the best driver for the job.

How to write a great driver resume

If you are ready to use this example for your driver resume, there are a few things you will want to do to make the finished product more effective. Keep these tips in mind when writing your resume:

  1. Contact information. Your location is an important part of your driver resume because it helps potential hiring managers see what geographical area you will be servicing. Along with keeping this up to date, add a professional email address and make sure your phone number is correct.

  2. Summary. In your summary, show what skills you use to be an effective and safe driver and what steps you take to ensure deliveries make it to their destination promptly. You will also want to include how many years you’ve been working as a driver as well as what types of driving roles you have previously held.

  3. Skills. Choose skills that show your ability to manage packages and delivery schedules, provide quality services, and resolve problems. Safety is also another important factor for drivers, so be sure to include skills related to defensive driving and safety.

  4. Be specific about your professional experience. A great way to show off your experience as a driver is to be specific about the type of driving work you’ve done in the past. This may involve highlighting the number of delivery routes you’ve completed or the number of packages you deliver on an average day.

  5. Credentials and training. Any type of certification or credential you have related to driving is important to include on your resume. If you have obtained any specific licenses, you will also want to include them on your resume.

Which key skills are relevant to a driver resume?

As a driver, your skills are an important element of what a hiring manager is looking for. They want to hire someone who is reliable and safety-conscious. When choosing skills for your resume, here are some you may want to consider adding:

  • Traffic laws

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Problem-solving 

  • Strategic planning

  • Routing & logistics

  • Carrier coordination

  • Defensive driving

  • Profit & loss management

  • Quality control

  • Route planning & management


Summary example

Experienced driver offering expertise in long-term and short-term truck routes. 17 years of proven experience in operations, compliance with state and federal laws, and safety hazard competency. Customer-focused with a strong history of meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Employment history example

Driver at DHL, Middlebrook, NJ

2016 - Present

Deliver parcels while maintaining distribution schedules and managing customer feedback to deliver quality service to maintain the brand image and reputation with customers. Cover a delivery route of over 500 square miles, delivering an average of 1,000 packages daily.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Created an accessible reference guide to regulations regarding motor vehicles laws according to federal, state, and local guidelines.

  • Streamlined problem solving strategies to ensure facilitate seamless daily timetable compliance.

Driver at Township of Stepford Public Works , Stepford, NJ

2015 - 2016

Practiced efficient execution of job duties to ensure timely and professional delivery of public works job site materials to the satisfaction of the department and for the safety and convenience of the citizens.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Produced cost savings for the township through strategic itineraries that leveraged knowledge of optimal routes.

  • Took initiative on ad hoc, high-visibility projects and communicated effectively with management, colleagues, and citizens to ensure success.

Driver at LTL Truck Lines, Celebration, FL

2008 - 2014

Delivered cargo to designated destinations, ensuring items were securely packed and shipped. Product lines included fresh produce, general freight, meat, and beverages. Completed routine truck maintenance according to company policy.

Key Accomplishment:

  • Consistently met and exceeded performance targets by staying ahead of delivery schedule while maintaining strict compliance with safety standards.

Education example

  • Truck Driving Training at EZ Wheels

  • Truck Driving Training at Diesel Institute of America

Skills example

  • Strategic Planning

  • Routing and Logistics

  • Operations Maintenance

  • Carrier Coordination

  • Safety Systems

  • Quality Control

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