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Data Analyst Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this Data Analyst resume example?
  • How to write a great Data Analyst resume?
  • Which key skills are relevant for a Data Analyst resume?
  • Data Analyst resume example

The role of a data analyst is critical to business by helping leaders make better-informed business decisions. Data analysts collect and process data and perform statistical analyses for better insight into solving complex problems. Data analysts are experts at using data sources along with tools such as databases and spreadsheets to process and interpret data via various methods. The more effective your resume, the better chance you have at landing your dream job. Use our data analyst resume example and writing guide and watch your career take off.

Why use this Data Analyst resume example?

If you are ready to take that next big step and land your next job as a data analyst, you’ve come to the right place. Let help you craft a winning resume with our data analyst resume example and writing guide. We’ll show you how to write a well-organized and visually appealing resume that will stand out to potential employers and separate you from the competition. 

You’ll also learn how to pull keywords from the job description and use them effectively to get past any applicant tracking systems (ATS). Our example and writing guide will help you save time and streamline the process of creating that eye-popping resume, ensuring it will do its job of getting you your next great data analyst position. 

How to write a great Data Analyst resume?

When writing a great data analyst resume, take advantage of your technical skills and highlight the fact that you are highly proficient in programming languages such as Python and R as well as experienced with SQL databases, Tableau, and Power BI. 

Don’t forget to quantify your achievements by using numbers and metrics. Point out the large amount of data you have processed, the accuracy of your analysis, and how much time and effort were saved through your work. Be sure to emphasize your ability to communicate and present ideas and findings to senior leadership. And as always, proofread your resume to ensure it is free from errors and spelling mistakes.

Which key skills are relevant for a Data Analyst resume?

  • Data analysis and interpretation

  • Statistical analysis and modeling

  • Programming skills

  • Database management

  • Data visualization

  • Critical thinking 

  • Problem solving

  • Communication

Data Analyst resume example


Summary example

Adaptable, tech-savvy data analytics professional with six years’ experience informing strategic decision-making, driving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and lowering risks. Leverage recent MSc in Business Analytics coupled with IT background to collect, manipulate, and validate data from primary and secondary sources, whilst interpreting and presenting information to senior leadership in understandable terms. Compare results of analysis against set plans to monitor performance, outlining remedial plans and interventions. 

Employment history example

Data Analyst at Weatherford Oil Tools M.E. LTD., India


Guided decision-making by collecting, interpreting, and presenting quality data in clear, timely manner. Synthesised reporting for leadership team by engineering key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard via Microsoft Power BI. Maximised ability to execute well plans worth $18M by designing, embedding, and monitoring said plans. Updated and maintained databases by gathering and validating data from primary and secondary resources, whilst optimising statistical efficiency and accuracy through utilisation of data collection systems and strategies. 

  • Generated c. $800K in cost savings per project for clients by analysing and reporting technical data in understandable terms; surpassed target by 120%.

  • Cut losses 97% by leveraging statistical techniques to organise and analyse data utilised to identify potential roadblocks and risks. 

  • Drove operational efficiency by researching industry trends and integrating best practices which improved productivity 40%.

  • Boosted performance 20% on behalf of clients by recommending process improvements based on insights gained from in-depth data analytics. 

Reporting Analyst at Jindal Drilling and Industries LTD., India.


Shaped and tracked the trajectory of the company by applying various procedures and strategies to collect, organise, and inspect data. Adapted trajectory plan according to market shifts, recommending remedial plans of action and interventions as required. Exceeded expectations by utilising data to facilitate completion of projects with zero equipment losses or downtime.

Education example

Master of Science in Business Analytics at Aston University, UK 2022.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering at Sir Padampat Singhania University, India, 2014.

Skills example

  • Business Analysis Planning

  • Management reporting

  • Industry Trends and Insights

  • Data Quality and Accuracy

  • Team Collaboration

  • Client Requirements and Satisfaction

  • Machine Learning Models

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Earnest Robinson

Earnest is a Career Coach (CPCC) and Resume Writer with expertise in providing professionals with the tools to effectively navigate the job search and prepare for a successful career. He has extensive experience leading HR and recruiting efforts. Earnest specializes in training, coaching, and mentoring career seekers on how to gain and maintain a successful career filled with purpose and passion, and he believes true career success comes from being holistically balanced.

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