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Call Center Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this Call Center resume example?
  • How to write a great Call Center resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a Call Center resume?
  • Call Center Manager Resume example

Working in a call center means fielding a high volume of calls from customers and answering questions or addressing any concerns they may have in a timely manner. At the management level, they may also oversee the day-to-day operation of the call center, including call center agents’ job performance, staffing, scheduling, and the development of training programs. Depending on the position, they may identify sales opportunities offering the company’s service or product via cold calling. A strong resume increases your chances of getting an interview as well as the job. Use our resume example and guide to take your career to the next level.

Why use this Call Center resume example?

If you’re looking for a job in a call center, we can help! With this call center resume example and writing guide, we’ll demonstrate how to highlight your skills and background to find the best job for you. Call center agents and managers work in a variety of different fields, conducting inbound and outbound calls, so if you have strong communication skills there’s a job for you.

Writing a great resume that highlights your background, education, and experience will go a long way to getting you where you want to be. Using this Call Center resume guide will give you the information you need to land a job with the right company.

How to write a great Call Center resume

Near the top of your resume under your contact information, provide a brief summary of your skills and background. This will give an overview of your career and demonstrate why you’re a good candidate. It’s important to tailor your resume to the listed requirements of the job you’re applying for. 

Strong communication skills are vital, as call center employees must be able to actively listen to callers, determine their issues, ask relevant follow-up questions, and resolve their problems. This means you’ll want to highlight your communication experience in the skill section, and provide specific examples of how you’ve demonstrated these skills. 

Utilize keywords from the job description to align your current resume with what the company is looking for in specific areas. This includes your achievements, your accomplishments, and your productivity–which should be quantifiable with specific facts and figures when possible. Using strong action verbs along with those relevant keywords will help your resume stand out in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and increase your chances of getting an interview. 

List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent experience first. Keep your job description succinct, and consider utilizing bullet points to maximize readability. You may also consider including information that is generally considered optional, such as job-related courses, certifications, and volunteer work, especially if you don’t have a lot of professional experience. 

Each description of your past employment should include a detailed overview of your job duties, and be sure to specifically highlight accomplishments and achievements. If relevant, include software you’re proficient with, additional languages you speak, and positive outcomes of your work. 

In the education section, list all your degrees and certifications with any honors or awards noted as well. Include your graduation date only if it’s been less than ten years; otherwise, leave it out. 

Remember, your resume should reflect the best version of your professional self, so it should be organized, focused, and detail-oriented. And don't forget to proofread — there should be no spelling or grammatical errors.

Which key skills are relevant for a Call Center resume?

When listing skills for a call center resume, make sure they are relevant to the job description. Include examples of these skills in your resume, either in your professional summary or in your achievements/accomplishment sections. If you can demonstrate you possess those skills, it can provide an advantage over other candidates. 

Hard and soft skills you will want to highlight on your call center resume are:

  • Written/verbal communication skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Self-motivation

  • Teamwork

  • Ability to learn and adapt

  • Problem solving/troubleshooting

  • Attention to detail

  • Organizational skills

  • Empathy 

  • Stress management

Call Center Manager Resume example


Summary example

Exceptional, lead-by-example manager with years of experience providing both individualized, world-class service and training sales, technical, and account management teams to do the same.

Employment history example

Call center Manager: Sales and Customer Service at ABC Organics, Clackamas, Org.


Promoted to provide leadership, cutting-edge initiatives, strategically mapped directives, and creative solutions throughout all facets of orchestrating and managing customer service and sales operations. Hire, train, mentor, inspire, evaluate, and lead a high-caliber team of Sales Coordinators recruited to provide individualized service to each customer. Collaborate with executives and representatives from Marketing, Domestic/International Sales, and Warehouse operations to ensure the most current product and promotional information is available to customers. 

  • Developed and implemented effective upselling and cross-selling initiatives to ensure each Sales Rep is product-savvy and confident in the company’s full line of organic products; significantly increased revenue generated per customer. 

  • Created and implemented streamlined, user-friendly procedures for customer service teams and sales coordinators to enter their orders quickly and easily; reduced order entry errors and increased customer service.

Call Center Manager Customer Success at Endurance International Group, Vancouver washington.


Selected for a newly-created role to manage a multimillion-dollar portfolio of VIP accounts – elite customers who have purchased between 1,000 to 100,000 domains at this international provider of online tools for businesses to establish and successfully build a web presence. Worked closely with each account’s key stakeholders and developed and maintained a trusted-advisor relationship.  Personally met with account decision-makers and led weekly team meetings with clients and reps from EIG’s cross-functional departments to ensure top-notch service.

  • Identified the need to provide personalized training services and expansion opportunities at VIP accounts.  

  • Saved the company millions and sustained the trust, loyalty, and business of customers who previously experienced challenges with renewing their bulk domains by conceptualizing creative, viable solutions.

Supervisor Customer Service and Escalations at Endurance International Group, Vancouver Washington.


Promoted to manage the company’s relationship with key accounts by consistently maintaining a high level of service, identifying and resolving potential areas of concern that may affect client loyalty, and embracing opportunities to upsell further services. Demonstrated exceptional communication and problem-solving skills by facilitating client education initiatives and recommending new features to enhance their web presence. 

  • Served as liaison with development, engineering, domain operations, and customer care to provide updated information.

Skills example

  • Cross training staff

  • Project management

  • Client satisfaction and retention

  • Complex report generating

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