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Business Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this business manager resume example?
  • How to write a great business manager resume
  • Which key skills are relevant to a business manager resume?

Every business needs a manager, but enterprises such as restaurants and retail stores need a specific type of business manager. If there’s a managerial opening at a store, HR departments mostly seek out professionals who can direct large teams of employees, handle the supply logistics needed to keep a commercial space functioning, and craft fresh strategies to bring in both customers and profits. If you’re interested in working as a business manager, the resume you design for your job applications should touch on all the qualities mentioned above, and then some.

Why use this business manager resume example?

The resume example below is a fairly classic and versatile template, giving hiring managers who read it a quick snap-shot of your skills and experiences on the very first page. The unique draw of this template’s layout is the existence of sub-sections here and there that draw attention to your professional development - where you learned key business skills and how you got promoted to more complex management positions.

Even if you wind up re-writing the resume template entirely, the boilerplate text in this sample is a good resource you can study to figure out the right tone you should adopt when writing new descriptions or summaries - not too informal to the point of casualness, and not too formal to the point where clarity is lost.

How to write a great business manager resume

Below your name at the top of your business manager résumé’s first page, list your key contact information – address, phone number, email, and websites such as LinkedIn where hiring managers can access more information about you.

Below the job title of “Business Manager” (which should go on the first page of your resume) list three aspects of business management where you truly excel (improving team cohesion, reducing inefficiency, etc.). Below these three keywords, write a single paragraph that summarizes your business management background - the personal strengths you refined, the strategies you developed, the business software you learned to use, and so on.

After bullet-point listing your primary skills in a core competencies section, describe all your management-relevant experience, past and current, in your résumé’s professional experience section. In each individual job entry, starting with the most recent, describe the job’s day-to-day responsibilities in a single paragraph, then list special accomplishments like promotion or productivity enhancement in bullet-point format.

Your resume’s education and credentials section should list any degrees you’ve earned and the colleges/universities you earned them from. Within this section, you can also include professional development, such as  management-related certificates (extra important if you’re seeking work in a specific industry such as food service or retail).

Which key skills are relevant to a business manager resume?

Companies on the lookout for a qualified business manager candidate tend to appreciate resumes with the following skills listed.

  • Sales & Business Management

  • Budgeting & Cost Analysis

  • Inventory & Procurement

  • Employee Training & Development

  • Customer Service & Retention

  • Human Resources & Payroll

  • Performance Tracking & Improvement

  • Retail & Food Service Operation

  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation

  • Brand Promotion/Marketing

  • Problem Solving


Summary example

Highly driven and hard-working professional with a proven ability to boost performance through skillful sales and operations management. Solid career combines advanced education with 15+ years of experience building teams, overseeing finances, and introducing strategies to improve revenue and profitability. Hands-on leader and trainer with a talent for inspiring personnel to work together to exceed goals. Proficient in Windows and Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and QuickBooks.

Employment history example

Business Manager at Sebastian Joe's Corporation, Minneapolis

2019 - Present

Collaborate with channel partners and internal teams to develop and implement robust go-to-market strategies. Closely monitor KPIs, identify concerning trends, and proactively institute course-correction tactics with a focus on mitigating risks and controlling costs.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Promoted to high-visibility role accountable for propelling business growth by building relationships with high-value strategic channel partners, driving maximum revenue from both new and existing accounts.

  • Generated $2M in annual revenue by expertly managing sales, service and business functions.

  • Revamped and revitalized training procedures; developed a new employee training manual and facilitated on-the-job training and development sessions to improve team and individual performance.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by overseeing the implementation of a new CRM system.

Operations Manager at Sebastian Joe's Corporation, Minneapolis

2015 - 2019

Oversaw all operations for this organization with 50 employees. Hire, train, and motivate team members to accomplish performance objectives. Established goals, ordered merchandise/supplies, and tracked sales, labor costs, and other expenses. Delegated tasks and monitored productivity, implementing strategies to increase efficiency and profitability. Processed payroll and conducted staff appraisals.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Managed and coordinated team members in setting new sales records on multiple occasions.

  • Led-by-example and inspired employees to provide world-class customer service to drive sales performance and maximize resources.

Deputy Store Manager at Metro AG, Minneapolis

2010 - 2015

Provided leadership and assistance in overseeing operations for world-leading self-service wholesale/retail outlet with 200+ employees. Supervised sales activities and implemented corporate promotions and policies. Led and trained department leaders and staff members in customer service, product sales and reconciling financial transactions. Managed the budget.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Met or exceeded productivity and P&L objectives by working side-by-side with the Store Manager in coordinating and directing daily business and sales operations.

  • Expertly balanced financial and customer service functions in highly visible and versatile management position.

Education example

Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Minnesota

Skills example

  • Sales & Business Management

  • Budgeting & Cost Analysis

  • Inventory & Procurement

  • Employee Training & Development

  • Customer Service & Retention

  • Human Resources & Payroll

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