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Brand Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • Why use this brand manager resume example?
  • Which key skills are relevant to a brand manager resume?

Every successful company has an image and brand managers are professionals put in charge of shaping a company’s image. Typically, a brand manager gets hired to look at the company’s products and services and then set up a marketing campaign that gets more customers interested in their workplace’s brand. Many brand managers are also leaders who assemble teams of marketing experts to update and refine the company’s current brand strategy. They’re also researchers who keep up to date on market trends, consumer tastes, and what competitors are doing. If you want to get hired as a brand manager, the resume you write needs to show recruiters that you understand the company’s brand, the company’s market, and how to make both grow.

Why use this brand manager resume example?

The resume sample below has a lot of cool features that make it a great fit for professionals trying to find brand manager work.

For starters, it has two opening sections: a professional summary and an areas of expertise list. These let recruiters learn about your strengths and skills right away. This summary focuses on describing your past brand management experiences and your most successful strategies. The areas of expertise is a bullet point list that focuses more on your special fields of knowledge.

This resume sample’s education & training section is also a lot more elaborate than the education sections seen in most other resume templates. College and university degrees aside, this section also gives you space to describe technical proficiencies with software that’s essential for modern brand management work - Google Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Survey Monkey, Hubspot, and so on.

Which key skills are relevant to a brand manager resume?

Many recruiters for brand manager positions want to see resumes with college degrees in marketing, business management, and so on. Education aside, analytic skills are also vital for any resume you create, since good brand managers back up their brand strategies with solid data and real information on market trends.

Brand managers need to explain their strategies to marketing teams and justify them to executives, so strong communication skills are also a must for your brand manager resume. The same goes for skills related to creativity or innovation; if recruiters believe you can think outside the box to strengthen a brand or save it from collapse, they’re much more likely to hire you.

Recruiters for brand manager positions especially like these resume skills 

  • Brand management

  • Customer segmentation

  • Brand positioning & messaging

  • Client satisfaction & retention

  • Product marketing

  • Brand awareness

  • Market analysis

  • Competitive intelligence 

  • Demand generation

  • Data & trend analysis

  • Marketing automation

  • Sales enablement

  • Time management

  • Interpersonal communication


Summary example

Accomplished Brand Manager with experience leading tight-knit, high-functioning teams in developing and implementing highly effective brand-building strategies. Excellent client engagement and relationship management skills, along with superior vendor relations and supplier management talents. Adept at navigating communications, building consensus, and promoting innovation while collaborating with clients and colleagues across functions and disciplines.

Employment history example

Brand Manager at ABC Corporation, New York 2018 - Present

Directed brand development and execution of third-party promotional activities across 15 countries in multiple regions, including asset oversight and product marketing initiatives. Partnered with retailers, OEMs, and Telco companies to develop branding campaigns. Facilitated partner education on brand guidelines, recommendations/disapprovals for collateral and asset changes.

  • Effectively designed over 200 co-branded marketing assets for Android: TV, Wear, Pay, Nexus 5 X/6P, and Google Play.

  • Slashed partner asset manipulation by 35% through critical analysis and ensuring compliance with Google brand guidelines.

  • Created B2B online websites based on comprehensive analysis of partner’s parameters.

Assistant Brand Manager at Marketing Solutions, New York 2014 - 2018

Implemented effective brand-building strategies, brainstormed ideas to exceed marketing objectives, and reported on results. Formulated the optimal marketing mix for the core portfolio of skincare including pricing, positioning, product, and packaging. Generated progressive communications for delivery in conjunction with CMI and creative agencies. Initiated processes for gate keeping including business cases, investment proposals, country meetings, and gate documentation. Performed market, category, and brand assessment for India.

  • Spearheaded 360-degree asset creation, including TV, print, point of sale marketing, and digital.

Digital Marketing Consultant at XYZ Incorporated, New York 2010 - 2013

Provided consultation through implementation of mobile app marketing strategies for launch in France and the U.S. Conducted competitive analysis, and enhanced company website user guides, and content. Oversaw execution of marketing strategie,s including digital asset allocation, email marketing, and organic social media.

  • Drove 10% increase in engagement through creation and execution of social media calendar, strategies, and campaigns.

  • Created go-to-market strategies focused on user engagement and application installations.

Education example

  • Master of International Marketing: Brand Management & Digital Marketing at Hult International Business School.

  • Bachelor of Management: Marketing & Retail Management at the University of Mumbai.

Skills example

  • Brand Management

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Brand Positioning & Messaging

  • Client Satisfaction & Retention

  • Product Marketing

  • Brand Awareness

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitive Intelligence

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