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Banker Resume Example Guide & Writing

  • Why use this banker resume example?
  • How to write a great banker resume
  • Which key skills are relevant for a banker resume?
  • Banker resume example

Being a banker means helping organizations and individual clients meet their financial needs and goals. They may also analyze financial data and bank statements of individuals or companies to establish the level of risk in extending credit or giving a loan. Banking professionals work in banks, mortgage companies, and investment firms. As a credit analyst, banking professionals advise clients on a variety of financial issues, including account management, budgeting, and financial oversight. Having a strong resume increases your chances of getting your foot in the door and landing the job you want. Use our resume example and guide to take your career to the next level.

Why use this banker resume example?

If you’re looking for a job as a banker, we can help! With this banker resume example and writing guide, we’ll demonstrate how to highlight your skills and experience to find the best job for you. Bankers work in a variety of fields, so whatever your financial background, there’s a position for you. Writing a great resume that highlights your achievements, education, and experience will go a long way to getting you where you want to be. Using this banker’s resume guide will give you the information you need to land a job with the right company.

How to write a great banker resume

When putting together your resume, there are a variety of formats to choose from. As a banker, you’ll want one that highlights your experience, skills, and education, with a section that lists your certifications and licensing, as well as any technical skills or additional languages spoken. At the top, where it’s easy to see, list your contact information, which should include your name, phone number, and email. You should present your work experience in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position first, including the job title, name of the company, when you worked there, and your responsibilities. Utilize action verbs to make an impact and give the hiring manager a clear impression of your background and experience. Consider using bullet points to underscore your achievements and tailor your description by using the job posting to incorporate important keywords. This will help your resume to stand out and get through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). By integrating key skills and action verbs that align with job description, you’ll increase your odds of getting an interview. 

Generally, your resume should be 1-2  pages long. Create a professional summary at the top of the resume, including the key aspects of your work history and significant career achievements. Your list of accomplishments should be concise and incorporate measurable data as well as dollars or percentages when applicable. When listing your education, include your most recent college degrees in reverse chronological order, from highest to lowest level, and include any awards or honors (your GPA is only relevant if you’re a recent graduate). Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms, and of course, make sure your resume is free from typos and grammatical errors.

Which key skills are relevant for a banker resume?

When listing skills for a banker resume, make sure they are relevant to the job description. Include examples of these skills in your resume, either in your professional summary or in your achievements/accomplishment sections. Not only will it help you in the initial ATS scan, if you can demonstrate you possess those skills, it can provide an advantage over other candidates. 

Hard and soft skills you will want to highlight on your banker resume are:

  • Financial/Banking software

  • Communications/negotiation skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Risk assessment

  • Resilience

  • Financial market knowledge

  • Mathematics

  • Analytical skills

  • Time management

  • Attention to detail

Banker resume example


Summary example

Results-focused and customer-centric finance professional with expertise in providing comprehensive consultations, performing financial needs assessments, and facilitating a smooth sales process. Skilled in portfolio development, product presentations, risk analysis, credit checks, and reporting across numerous financial sectors. Engaging communicator able to establish partnerships and collaborate on matching customers with ideal financial solutions based on their eligibility and needs. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Technically proficient in Microsoft Excel.

Employment history example

Senior credit analyst at Produbanco Bank - Grupo Promerica, Pichincha Equador.


Drove profitability and limited risks by evaluating loan eligibility, assessing financial data, calculating income, and determining manageability. Informed critical decisions on loan approvals and denials by generating inclusive reports that illustrated the degree of risk based on research. Exhibited strong mathematical skills and attention to detail while utilizing computer programs to pinpoint financial ratios and analyze customers’ financial status. Mitigated commercial, foreign trade, insurance, and fiduciary risks by preparing effective finance strategies.

  • Equipped loan committees to make judgments on loan applications by including summaries and credit analysis. 

  • Collaborated with account executives on the successful approval of $50K in credit due to in-depth evaluations.

  • Demonstrated a sharp eye for opportunities to enter sectors with high growth potential on behalf of the bank.

Junior credit analyst at Produbanco Bank - Grupo Promerica, Pichincha Equador.


Expertly navigated computer software to calculate accurate financial ratios and determine clients’ financial status efficiently. Conducted in-depth assessments of clients’ income growth, as well as research on the current market climate to clarify the potential profitability of approved loans. Achieved ongoing improvement by proactively participating in additional training opportunities, self-evaluating performance, and working with senior leaders. Maximized client experiences by offering exceptional customer service and attentive consultations.

  • Utilized Microsoft Excel for organized reporting; instrumental in driving sales and credit risk management.

Education example

Bachelor of Arts & Business administration, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Skills example

  • Financial Analysis

  • Retail Consumer Products

  • Small Business Services

  • Risk Assessments

  • Eligibility / Financial Status Checks

  • Customer Success / Retention

  • Sales / Recommendations

  • Financial Literacy

  • Periodic Financial Reviews

  • Portfolio Management

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Ethical Conduct / Privacy

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