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Finding a job
Identifying a Potential Employer's ValuesIdentifying a potential employer's values

Understanding your own values is only the first step in the process of making a values-based career transition. It doesn’t do you any good to have a values inventory in hand if you don’t put in the time to make sure your values will be honored by a potential employer.

Finding a job
Finding and Selecting the Right Recruiter for YouHow to find a recruiter that's right for you

Recruiters, or “search professionals” can be great allies in your job hunt. After all, it’s their job to find you a job, right? Well, kind of.

Finding a job
Three Very Real Job-Hunt Low Points and How To Move Past ThemThree very real job-hunt low points and how to move past them

As you navigate the seemingly endless process of career transition, there are going to be natural highs and many lows. Finding the perfect job posting and dreaming of what it will be like is an immediate rush - but when you realize that the call isn’t coming, it’s a complete letdown.

Finding a job
Things to Know In Your Career Change, Part One: Know YourselfHow to change your career: know yourself

After a layoff, many people look for a job similar to their last one. Maybe at a higher level or with a different company, but typically the same “type” of work. But others, take job loss as an opportunity to pivot to a new career entirely. This pivot may be made by choice - pursuing something you’ve always loved but never had time for - or it may be an adaptation you make out of necessity, like if you work in an industry that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

Finding a job
How to Reject an OfferHow to reject an offer

Receiving a job offer is supposed to be the highest point of your transition - the culmination of all your hard work. And yet, you may find yourself in a position where you have to turn down a role.

Career development
Tips for Negotiating a Permanent Work-From-Home ArrangementHow to negotiate a work-from-home arrangement

Many workers have not only adjusted to the WFH lifestyle - they’ve grown to love it. A recent Prudential survey of 2,050 U.S. workers found that 68% of current home-based employees would like to continue doing so in the future - at least part-time.

Career Path
Getting a Job In the Nonprofit SpaceGetting a job in the nonprofit space

Typically when we talk about careers and organizations, we mainly focus on jobs with profit-driven companies (the private sector) or public service roles funded by some form of government (the public sector). But there are other sectors that offer many of the benefits of both these worlds.

Career development
Finding Your Transferable SkillsHow to identify your transferable skills to land your next dream job!

Looking to boost your chances of securing an interview? Identifying and highlighting your transferable skills across the hiring process is one way to impress an employer and land your dream job! Follow our guide to showcasing your skill set and landing your next dream job!

Finding a job
Applying For Federal Jobs - The Step-By-Step GuideApplying for federal jobs - the step-by-step guide

As the private sector struggles with closures and staggered re-openings during the pandemic, many Americans are focusing their career transition into government and public service - particularly jobs at the federal level.

Career development
10 Platforms to Start Online LearningThe top 10 online learning platforms

Whether you’re making a career change, need to update your skills, or just looking to fill some downtime, it’s always good to learn something new. And with a surplus of online tools and e-learning platforms in the world, it’s never been easier to dive into a new topic or skill.

Career development
How To Identify Your Work Values (And Why It Matters)What are work values & why you should identify yours

Have you ever been unhappy at work? Really, truly, Sunday-night-is-ruined because-you’re-dreading-Monday-morning unhappy? If you have, you know it’s a terrible feeling - and you might be worried about having that feeling again at a new job.

Career development
Tips for Achieving Your 2021 GoalsTips to achieve your new year goals

As the new year starts, many people set new goals for themselves.