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Helen Oswald

How to write a killer resume objective (and why this is important). With 30+ examples!

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How to write a killer resume objective (and why this is important). With 30+ examples!

Artwork by: Alexandra Shevchenko

  • What is a resume objective?
  • When would you need a resume objective?
  • How to write a killer resume objective
  • 30 Resume Objective Examples
  • Key takeaways

Looking for a new career direction? Trying to get a step on the career ladder after graduating? Creating a killer resume objective is a great way to address a lack of experience and slash the odds of landing in the “no” pile.

If you are ready to expand your career horizons and looking for a new and inspiring direction, this is both a challenging and exciting time. Spotting that ideal job that will tick all your personal and professional career boxes is an exciting moment!

But how do you set course toward your North Star if you have zero or minimal direct experience? Can you grab a hiring manager's attention via a resume objective? Surely, every recruiter reads your resume in full anyway, so who needs a resume objective?

Well, the truth is that not every recruiter does a full resume review! Some hiring managers may diligently review your resume but many are time-pressed managing multiple priorities and can get swamped by the volume of resumes they receive. In this situation, a killer opening is critical, particularly if you don’t have direct education and/or experience related to the role.

Slash the odds of going in the “no” pile by creating a killer resume objective that packs some punch and doesn’t prove to be a horror story! In this article we will explore:

  • What is a resume objective?

  • When would you need a resume objective?

  • Steps to creating a killer resume objective

  • 30 resume objective examples

What is a resume objective?

Your resume objective tells a prospective employer why you have the ideal blend of skills and experience to bring to the role–essentially, that you pretty much tick all the boxes from the job description and have the potential to be the perfect person for their company.

Potential is the key word here as resume objectives are typically used by job seekers with minimal or zero experience in their desired field. This could be either recent graduates or individuals keen to make a career switch. Here is an example of a solid resume objective.

Example resume objective

Energetic customer service professional with 5+ years of experience in a retail setting. Looking to apply optimal skills in client care, complaints resolution, and POS to the hospitality sector. Keen to exceed expectations as the next Front Desk Agent for The Portland Inn.

When would you need a resume objective?

Before you start to create your own resume objective, it’s a good idea to explore the most common situations where including a persuasive resume objective can really make a difference. There are three typical scenarios.

1. Career change resume objective

If you decide to make a career change, then a resume objective is crucial to include. In this situation, the majority of your experience will likely be in a totally different field. The key is to highlight transferable skills and experience relevant to this new career direction. 

In this case, you could focus on:

  • Relevant skills and transferable experience

  • Any relevant professional qualifications or education

  • How your background will help you excel in your new job

Here is an example:

Career Change Resume Objective

Proactive professional holding six years of experience in a demanding office environment and currently completing a Diploma in HR Management on a part-time basis. Keen to secure a role as the next HR Assistant with LMN Company and support the development of a top-performing team. Won Team Leader of the Month three times in the past 12 months.

2. No Experience / Education Resume Objective

If you have zero work experience or education, a resume objective can provide a solution in terms of setting yourself apart from the competition. In this situation, focus on your best traits and skills in relation to the job opportunity. For example:

No Experience / Education Resume Objective

Creative, motivated, and hardworking employee seeking an entry-level marketing opportunity with XYZ Company. Valuable volunteer experience in a service environment, including responsibility for website content and engagement. Focused on helping XYZ Company position themselves as a brand of choice. 

3. Internship Resume Objective 

Recently graduated and looking for your first professional job? A great resume objective will help you navigate the obstacles of zero experience in your chosen field and maybe seal the deal on an internship. Here you need to highlight:

  • Educational achievements

  • Top skills and personal traits

  • Any relevant experience gained via volunteer work, university / personal projects, and/or industry-related competitions. 

Here is an example:

Internship Resume Objective

Recent graduate with a BA in Journalism looking to secure an internship with News Today and contribute to the delivery of cutting-edge news content. Organized, with strong critical thinking skills and good editorial judgment applied while working on the university newspaper. Won the University of Washington Writers Award on two occasions. 

How to write a killer resume objective

Ready to get started and create a killer resume objective? Start off by reviewing the job advert and researching the company. You can also look at employees completing similar roles or those you are replacing. This will give you a great understanding of what is expected in the role and how you can tick these boxes on your resume.

Your objective can be broken down into three core sentences.

  1. Tell the employer about relevant skills, academic studies, and experience that is relevant to the role.

  2. Outline any experience related to the job description that makes you a perfect candidate for this job.

  3. Sell to the employer why you are the solution to their problems and how you will enable them to achieve their goals.

Following this format will help you create a compelling resume objective. However, also factor in the following tips to make sure your resume objective is pitch perfect:

  • Ensure your resume objective is targeted at the specific role and organization you are applying to rather than using generic statements. Stating “Graduate looking for an administrative job in any setting” is not going to set the world on fire! Instead refer to the job title and specific company name.

  • Including specific facts and figures is one way you can grab attention. For example, “Social Media Marketer with success boosting content reach by 50% and doubling audience growth rate” is much more impactful than “Expert Social Media Marketer.”

  • Make sure the resume objective is focused on the company achieving their goals rather than making it all about you and your own career.

  • It’s fine to state a career goal if you have one, but it needs to be relevant to the company you are applying to. For example, if you are applying to be an office manager, it is not ideal to state that in the long-term future your burning desire is to become a teacher.

  • Try not to use complicated language that doesn’t sound authentic as this may be perceived as a bit arrogant. Instead of using the word “appertain” use the word “apply” or use a word like “growing” instead of “flourishing.”



Always tailor your resume objective to the specific job opportunity. In addition, make sure your resume objective is consistent with all other sections so your resume is more impactful.

Brag and oversell your skills and abilities. While it’s great to be confident in yourself, you can lose a job opportunity at the interview stage if the interviewer digs deeper and you can’t back up these skills and experiences.

30 Resume Objective Examples

You now have the tools to create your own resume objective, but sometimes it can be easier said than done to get started! Here are some killer resume objective examples across diverse roles and sectors to get you inspired!

Sales & Marketing

Junior SEO Specialist Resume Objective

Recent graduate with Bachelor of Business Management, specialization in Marketing, and a passion for brand development. Intuitive and creative, leveraging multiple social media platforms to increase engagement by 40% for a local restaurant. Keen to contribute to ABC Company by boosting brand presence as the next Junior SEO Specialist.

Sales Associate Resume Objective

Charismatic individual seeking a job with XYZ Company as a Sales Associate. Positive and proactive, with excellent customer service skills and the ability to upsell and cross-sell additional services. Focused on increasing sales revenue by delivering high-quality service - reflected by  securing +90% customer satisfaction in current hospitality role.

Content Writer Resume Objective

Articulate and confident graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications and a strong desire to join ABC Startup as a content writer. Authored engaging blogs and articles to improve engagement by 25% in three months for a startup in the Fintech sector. Skilled in the use of Asana, BuzzSumo, Canva, Grammarly, and Surfer.

Sales Manager Resume Objective

Driven sales specialist holding Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) certification and proven success delivering optimal client service as an account manager. Seeking a sales manager role with DEF Solutions where I can provide motivational leadership to the sales team and negotiate new opportunities.

Office & Administration

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Proactive high school graduate looking for an office assistant position at Star Company. Offering a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and dedication to supporting effective teams. Strong proficiency in MS Office Suite and Adobe Illustrator with a typing speed of 70 w.p.m. Native English speaker with fluency in Spanish.

Receptionist Resume Objective

Resourceful professional, with two years of experience in customer facing roles and a strong commitment to delivering optimal client care as the next receptionist for MNO Agency. Applies strong communication and organization skills to deliver an optimal client experience. Won Employee of the Month on three occasions in the last 12 months.

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

Dynamic professional with demonstrated success in project and events management including the delivery of several award-winning events. Offers reliability, discretion, intelligence, and outstanding organizational skills. Passionate commitment to securing a suitably challenging EA role with XYZ Company and positively contributing to company goals.

Office Manager Resume Objective

Pursuing position as Office Manager with DEF Solutions. Proven focus on supporting team members and expanding clientele via professional communication, excellent cooperation, and customer service skills. Valuable experience in the HR field with success boosting employee retention rates by 40% in the last 12 months. Advanced knowledge of MS Office Suite.

General Business

Human Resources Specialist

Deadline-driven PR specialist looking to apply ability to work in fast-paced and demanding environments to an HR role with ABC Startup. Currently completing the Associate Professional in Human Resources certification. Focused on applying transferable skills, studies, and experience to contribute to business growth and success.

Business Analyst Resume Objective

Top-performing business student at the University of Pennsylvania seeking a summer internship as a Business Analyst at DEF Company. Business savvy with strong skills in data analysis and evaluation to aid critical decision-making. Won commendations for the delivery of insightful consultancy and advice across real-life business case studies.

Operations Supervisor Resume Objective

Performance-oriented and confident leader with a Business Management degree and two years of supervisory experience. Skills include coaching, mentoring, and providing support to the team to aid skill development. Boosted productivity by 12% in current role. Keen to join GHI Systems and apply my skills and knowledge to enhance operations.

Project Manager Resume Objective

Creative, resourceful, and dynamic professional with a strong academic background and experience in the fields of project coordination, teaching, and coaching. Efficiently manage budgets and resources while motivating teams to achieve objectives. Strong knowledge base of Agile methodologies as well as Scrum theory, practice, and guidelines. 


Teacher Resume Objective

Seeking a position at XYZ school as an English Teacher to share a passion for the language and enable students to achieve and exceed their academic goals. Secured B.S. in Education from the University of California (GPA 4.0) and successfully completed a state-approved teacher education program. Fluent in French and Spanish.

Tutor Resume Objective

Enthusiastic Mathematics graduate holding B.S. in Mathematics and a commendation for the top results in the final exam. Valuable experience as a part-time tutor in advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. Looking to secure a tutoring role at Learn First and contribute to the delivery of an outstanding level of teaching and instruction. 


Technical Support Resume Objective

Resourceful customer service specialist currently completing Line Support Technician certification and with experience using help desk and CRM systems. Skilled in verbal and written communication to ensure a full understanding of client requirements and to deliver the best solutions. Consistently achieved over 90% annually on customer service feedback forms.

Software Developer Resume Objective

Newly trained software developer with strong skills in coding and program design seeking an entry-level position with DEF Developers. Hold certifications in Oracle MYSQL, Salesforce, and C Programming with a commitment to ongoing professional development. Detail-oriented and team-focused, with a creative outlook to solving complex problems.

Data Scientist Resume Objective

Motivated business analyst with over two years of freelance experience as a data scientist. Built models that provided insights into complex digital data and secured testimonials outlining contributions to critical decision-making. Keen to apply skills in machine learning, problem solving, programming, and creative thinking to ABC Company.

IT Specialist Resume Objective

Skilled IT professional with four years of experience in 1st and 2nd line technical support. Successfully completed studies in the fields of network analysis, security assurance, and database administration. Looking to apply knowledge of MS Operating Systems, MS Office Suite, MAC OS X, and LAN/WAN Networking to enhance the Dot.Com Company’s IT infrastructure. 


Civil Engineer Resume Objective

Certified member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) with a strong background in construction management and HSE leadership. Proven team player and team builder who delivered 25 construction projects on time, on budget, and to high quality standards in the past 18 months. Keen to exceed client expectations for ABC Engineering.

Finance & Accounting

Accountant Resume Objective

Seeking to obtain an entry-level opportunity with ABC Company which will benefit from an extensive knowledge of accounting systems and a degree in accounting from Washington University. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills combined with advanced understanding of IRS and GAAP regulations to ensure state/national compliance.

Bank Clerk Resume Objective

Detail-oriented customer service specialist with strong financial acumen and sales skills gained in a fast-paced service environment. Proactively upselling and cross-selling products and services in current role, equating to an increase of $10K in the last 6 months. Seeking an opportunity to contribute toward the continued success of IMB Bank.


Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Keen to join the team at Bluebell Hospital as Medical Assistant where I can utilize my proven clinical abilities, interpersonal skills, and empathic approach to deliver the best possible care to patients. Valuable transferable experience gained in a senior persons living facility, securing recognition for rapport building with service users and their families. 

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Knowledgeable dental assistant graduate looking to apply outstanding medical training, meticulous attention to detail, and solid administrative skills to DDS Dental Clinic. Built strong relationships with patients, peers, and supervisors across dental clinic placements. Focused on continued professional development, with a long term career goal of becoming a certified dentist.

Nurse Resume Objective

Enthusiastic Registered Nurse seeking a role in public health with Charlton General Hospital to contribute to the delivery of outstanding patient care. Graduated in the top five percent of my university’s nursing students. Recognized for compassion, empathy, and professionalism during nursing placement. Bilingual in English and Spanish.

F&B Industry

Server Resume Objective

Motivated graduate looking to employ strong abilities in customer service, problem-solving, and quality control in a server role with Poppy’s Diner. Committed to providing outstanding experiences to customers. Won Employee of the Month twice in the last six months and acted as key holder for opening/closing times in a recent part-time retail role.

Cook Resume Objective

Talented cook seeking an entry-level line cook opportunity with an impressive restaurant such as Go Italian. Energetic and focused, with strong technical abilities and a commitment to learning as much as possible in relation to culinary practices and recipe creation. Successfully completed certifications in food preparation, food hygiene, and OHS.

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

Seeking a Restaurant Manager role at Clear Water Bistro to apply 5 years of experience in team leadership, marketing, and operations management. Increased the customer base two-fold in current role by delivering staff training to enhance service and quality standards. Skilled in the end-to-end delivery of social media and marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry.

Other industries

Warehouse Operative Resume Objective

Retail worker with valuable experience in inventory control, order processing, and administration seeking a role as warehouse operative with ABC Distribution. Strong technical skills, including the accurate update of stock management systems. Full/clean driving license and currently completing a forklift training course. Flexible in terms of rotating shift schedules.

Housekeeper Resume Objective

Seasonal worker with service industry experience including responsibility for ensuring an optimal, clean, and comfortable environment for guests. Consistently delivers work to high standards and meets time-critical deadlines. Excited to secure a housekeeping opportunity in a reputable hotel such as the White Oaks Hotel. 

Construction Worker Resume Objective

Hard-working laborer currently completing Associate Constructor (AC) certification and keen to acquire new skills and responsibilities. Flexible, proactive, and team-oriented with focus on achieving project objectives for ABC Contracting. Maintained zero health and safety issues in current role.

Key takeaways

  1. A resume objective is a two to three sentence summary at the beginning of your resume that outlines your career intent tailored to each job opportunity and company.

  2. Only include a resume objective if you have little or no work experience in your desired field or you are switching careers.

  3. Keep your resume objective direct, succinct, and impactful without stuffy language or jargon. Include facts and figures as much as possible, and tell the company exactly what you can do for them. Show yourself as the solution to their problem!

Helen Oswald

Helen is an experienced content writer, with expertise in corporate law, business, sales, marketing and education. Prior to this, she worked in recruitment and human resources, so she has a strong sense of what recruiters are looking for in terms of a potential employee. Helen loves exploring new places, writing blogs of her travel across Europe and enjoying trips to the US, Thailand and the Middle East. She is an avid reader of fiction, poetry, self-help books and factual content and also enjoys creative writing in her spare time, including poetry and children’s fiction.

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