Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Should I Negotiate My Job Offer?

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Should I negotiate my job offer?

Artwork by: Sasha Bogatov

  • What Can I Negotiate?
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If you get offered the job, that’s good news, but maybe it’s not exactly perfect. You might be wondering if you could ask for more and what you could negotiate. The short answer is that it’s all negotiable.

What Can I Negotiate?

Every new job is an opportunity to negotiate base salary, bonuses, benefits and other incentives that increase job satisfaction and provide financial security. 

Here are some pointers to help you evaluate the quality of the offer and maximize what you get out of the employment deal.


When you’ve been given a tentative offer, resist the temptation to give an immediate “yes” or “no” over the phone and ask for the offer in writing along with a benefits overview. 

Take time to review the offer and follow up with your answer. Go over your finances and personal obligations to make sure the offer works for you. Consider additional factors like commute time or career growth opportunity and get a second opinion by reviewing the offer with a friend, mentor or family member.

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee has over 25 years of human resource, outplacement, and career coaching experience. He is also an industrial/organizational psychologist and a certified retirement coach.  Raymond has contributed to SHRM, ATD, and other publications on the topics of the future of work, employee experience and offboarding, ageism and bias in the workplace, and career fulfillment.