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Take control of your workday with these jobs with flexible hours

Take control of your workday with these jobs with flexible hours

Artwork by: Alexandra Shevchenko

  • What types of jobs offer flexible hours?
  • The perks of jobs with flexible hours
  • 4 Jobs that offer good pay and flexible hours
  • 1. Data scientist
  • 2. Graphic designer
  • 3. Information security analyst
  • 4. Web designer
  • Other jobs with flexible hours
  • Key takeaways

Many professionals are looking for careers that offer improved work-life balance. Are you one of them? This blog explores a range of jobs with flexible hours and discusses some of the benefits that they offer.

No matter how much you love your job, you’d probably like to have a little extra free time on your hands. Over the past few years, many workplaces have switched to a more flexible model, with many companies offering hybrid or remote work options. This model allows businesses to save money on overhead and office amenities, although the lion’s share of the perks falls on the employees. 

Workers in these jobs can often create a flexible schedule that fits their work style and allows them to pursue their other priorities. If this sounds good to you, you’re not alone. Thousands of people are seeking jobs with flexible hours in an attempt to create a better work-life balance. 

In this post, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • The types of jobs that offer flexible hours

  • The benefits of a job with flexible hours

  • A list of several jobs that offer flexible hours

What types of jobs offer flexible hours?

Most jobs that offer flexible hours fall into the categories of hybrid or remote. In order for a position to fall into these categories, it has to be largely internet-based. This allows employees to share important data and collaborate without meeting in person.

If a job requires employees to be present, the hours will probably be less flexible. This includes service industry positions, manual labor jobs, retail jobs, and others. Despite this, there are some exceptions, especially gig work. Most jobs with flexible hours fall into one of the following categories:

  • Freelance or contract work, in which individuals choose their clients, work hours, and rates. This could include writers, graphic designers, consultants, web designers, photographers, social media managers, editors, and others.

  • Gig work, in which workers choose which jobs to take, based on preference or availability. This includes rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, tutors, babysitters, pet sitters, musicians, caregivers, personal shoppers, and others.

  • Salaried positions in which employees are expected to produce a certain amount of deliverables or work a certain number of hours over a given period. There are many different roles in this category, many of which are remote or hybrid.

The perks of jobs with flexible hours

Flexible hours can offer a wide range of benefits for your personal and professional life. Here are some of the top perks of finding a job with flexible hours:

  • Job satisfaction: For most of us, going to work isn’t the best part of our day. However, flexible hours can go a long way toward improving your work experience. The ability to choose your own hours and work style can reduce stress and improve your relationships with coworkers.

  • Work-life balance: Everyone has a range of responsibilities outside of the office. If you have a busy work schedule, your personal life can sometimes suffer and you may have less time for rest and relaxation. Flexible work hours allow you to craft a schedule with plenty of time for the rest of your life. Instead of killing time at the office, you can ensure that every spare minute is spent on the people and things you love.

  • Mental and physical health: Work is a major stressor for many people, and increased flexibility can help reduce some of the angst associated with the daily grind. Choosing your own hours can also give you more time to keep up with your personal health practices, whether that means cooking at home more or squeezing in a workout.

  • Professional excellence: More time in the office doesn’t always mean better performance. Everybody has their own work style and many professionals have peak hours that might not match their office schedule. Flexible hours give you the power to work when you’re at your best, improving productivity and overall job performance.

Statistical Insight

What does the research say about flexible hours? It shows that they work wonders for employee engagement and productivity. According to a Gallup study, remote work with flexible scheduling vastly improves employee satisfaction, boosts performance, and helps attract outstanding talent.

4 Jobs that offer good pay and flexible hours

Some employees worry that flexible hours might come with a pay cut. Fortunately, many remote and hybrid jobs offer pay that’s as good as any office-based job. The main difference is that you work at your own pace instead of filling up office hours with busy work. As long as you’re finishing your work on time and to a high standard, you’ll be able to earn a good living.

Here are some jobs that offer excellent salaries and good work-life balance:

1. Data scientist

Data scientists are the beating heart of many modern businesses. They allow companies to harness big data, improving value for customers and providing key performance insights. 

Data science is a highly-specialized field that requires a deep understanding of statistics, cybersecurity, computer science, data architecture, and machine learning. These factors make it one of the best-compensated fields in tech. Additionally, data science is largely an online job, and many companies offer remote positions with flexible hours.

2. Graphic designer

Every time you see a truly eye-catching advertisement or a gorgeous website, you’re viewing the work of a graphic designer. These professionals specialize in using digital design tools to create image and text layouts that are hard to ignore. Graphic design is largely done on personal devices and involves definite deliverables, making it a good candidate for remote work. If you have a creative streak and want a little more flexibility, give graphic design a look.

3. Information security analyst

As reliance on data increases, so do cybersecurity threats. Because of this, many companies are investing heavily in security experts to protect themselves and their customers. As an information security analyst, you’ll be responsible for monitoring threats to an organization’s tech infrastructure and implementing security measures. Because of their importance and specialized skills, information security analysts are often well-compensated.

4. Web designer

In today’s world, everything needs a website and online spaces can begin to feel a little cluttered. In this environment, talented web designers are often the key to getting eyes on your website. These professionals are responsible for building webpages that look great, function well, and offer a superior user experience. Web design is a good candidate for flexible work hours, and some designers even work on a freelance basis, choosing their clients and hours.

Other jobs with flexible hours

Here are just a few of the many jobs that offer flexible hours:

- Photographer

- Rideshare driver

- Copywriter

- Technical writer

- Virtual assistant

- Software developer

- Personal trainer

- Customer service representative

- Social media manager

- Real estate agent

- Sound engineer

- Recruiter

- Business consultant

- UX/ UI designer

- Database administrator

- Cloud architect

- Programmer

- Delivery driver

- Video editor

- Art director

- Videographer

- Journalist

Key takeaways

  1. Businesses are increasingly offering flexible work hours to improve employee satisfaction and performance. These opportunities can also help them attract talent more effectively.

  2. Most jobs with flexible hours involve online work that can be completed remotely. The exceptions to this rule include some types of freelance and gig work.

  3. Flexible hours can help you improve your work-life balance and enhance your overall experience of work. They can even boost your productivity and increase personal growth.

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