Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Is Gig Employment a Good Strategy for Me?

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Is gig employment a good strategy for me?

Artwork by: Katya Simacheva

  • What Can I Do?

Think about this - during your job search, have you noticed more and more job listings for freelance or contract positions?

Instead of hiring full-time employees, many companies are looking for freelancers or contractors for short projects or tasks.  As a result, more people are going into business for themselves as full-time freelancers. 

This is what people talk about when they say “the gig economy.”

Of course, freelancing and independent contracting is nothing new - ask any carpenter. But with e-platforms that allow certain work to be done anywhere, anytime, this type of career has become incredibly common.

What Can I Do?

One of the first steps to freelancing is figuring out what you want to do and who needs the skills you offer. With some critical thinking, this might be easier to determine than you imagine.

Do you have any hobbies or special skills your friends are constantly asking you to do? This can be specialized labor like tailoring or computer repair, but skills like editing, teaching/tutoring, and graphic design are also in demand. One of the most common ways people get started freelancing is by turning these extra-curricular activities into a job. 

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee has over 25 years of human resource, outplacement, and career coaching experience. He is also an industrial/organizational psychologist and a certified retirement coach.  Raymond has contributed to SHRM, ATD, and other publications on the topics of the future of work, employee experience and offboarding, ageism and bias in the workplace, and career fulfillment.