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  3. Video: How to find your ideal job in the modern job market
How to find your ideal job in the modern job market

Lotte van Rijswijk

Video: How to find your ideal job in the modern job market

Artwork by: Katya Vakulenko

    Finding your ideal job opportunity can be difficult, but the key is being able to clearly identify your goals and desires and compare them to the reality of your relevant job market. Learn to clearly assess your interests, abilities, and proclivities and fit them correctly into the puzzle of available job openings.

    It’s hard enough finding a job sometimes, but an ideal job? Is that a realistic goal? While nothing is guaranteed, being able to compare market opportunities with your own needs can be a huge benefit for your career trajectory. It may become the key to job satisfaction, growth and stability in your professional life. So, how do you approach finding your perfect job opportunity?

    Lotte van Rijswijk

    An ambitious Content Team Lead working with since 2022, Lotte collaborates with all members of the team from writers to illustrators to ensure high-quality content across platforms. Always interested in finding new trends and topics to help improve offerings, she also oversees other team members and works to support them wherever possible.

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