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6 Chrome extensions for job seekers that you want to use

6 Chrome extensions for job seekers that you want to use

  • 6 Chrome extensions for job seekers
  • 1. Huntr 
  • 2. Discoverly
  • 3. Buffer
  • 4. Jobalytics
  • 5. Briskine
  • 6. WiseStamp
  • 7. Career.io’s Job Search Tracker
  • Key takeaways

With plenty of competition in the job market, it’s important to stand out. There are a variety of Chrome extensions, and leveraging one in your job search is a way you can make a difference. Check out our top six Chrome extensions to help you move forward in your career.

Job searching can be both challenging and stressful. Browsing job boards, networking, building your social media presence, and optimizing your resume are all tools you’ll likely be juggling to land that perfect job. But, another way you can supercharge your job search is by leveraging Chrome extensions. 

If you’ve heard of Chrome extensions, you may be wondering how they can help . They can make the job hunt a whole lot easier with quickly finding job opportunities and speeding up the application process.  

In this article, we’ll explore the six best Chrome extensions for job seekers that you’ll want to use in your next job search.

Statistical Insight

According to research by LinkedIn, the main channels people use to look for new jobs are online job boards (60%), social professional networks (56%), and word of mouth (50%). The number one way people discover a new job is via a referral.

6 Chrome extensions for job seekers

There are numerous extensions that can really help in reducing the stress in the job search. Here’s our top six Google Chrome Extensions:

1. Huntr 

Huntr is a job search tracker that helps you find jobs and stay organized with your applications. This amazing tool allows you to record jobs that you’re interested in, store company information and job descriptions, and auto-fill application forms via your Huntr profile.

Huntr provides access to millions of jobs and top companies, with the added benefit of  customizing searches via location, employer size, sectors, and keywords. This Chrome extension will manage your job search via a centralized tool, which is a life-saver when you’re firing off numerous applications.

2. Discoverly

Discoverly is a great tool to help you discover connections, strengthen your network, and help you get your resume in front of a hiring manager. After installing this Chrome extension, you can analyze your contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn, X, and Facebook and find out whether you have any mutual friends and connections with a particular user. 

Your contacts can then help you connect via an introduction to a target contact, industry, or company. Discoverly is also used by recruiters to find referrals from friends and employees, making this a great resource for any job seeker. 

3. Buffer

Buffer is the perfect tool to enhance your personal brand and get you noticed by prospective contacts and hiring managers. It can be used to manage and share content that demonstrates your industry knowledge and expertise across your social networks. Gather relevant media (articles or images), create engaging posts, and then use Buffer to schedule multiple social media postings on sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

  • Consider price when choosing an extension. Many are free, but if you opt for a paid extension, check that it offers great features, regular updates, and customer support.
  • Forget to consider security when choosing an extension. Make sure the extension has an SSL certificate in order to protect your personal data security.

4. Jobalytics

Firing off a standard resume to 50 job openings is not going to be as successful as tailoring your resume for each job. But, identifying the right keywords to include in order to get your resume past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and noticed by hiring managers can be tricky and time-consuming. 

Jobalytics offers a great solution. This Chrome extension analyzes job descriptions and highlights the keywords missing from your resume, optimizing your resume for each job opening. Similarly, Career.io’s Chrome extension extracts key information and will save you a whole lot of time and energy.

5. Briskine

During a job search, you’ll likely send and receive numerous emails. Whether you’re creating an email cover letter to accompany your resume or following up after an interview, much of this information will have similar content. 

Briskine is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to create and save templates for your emails, then insert these via keyboard shortcuts; basically, typing a letter or word, then pressing the Tab button inserts your template. This time-saving tool will help you effectively manage your job search.  

Expert Tip

Waiting for a reply to an email during a job search can be stressful, and you may wonder whether to follow-up. One bonus Chrome extension you can use is Streak CRM for Gmail, which lets you know when and how many times an email has been viewed. 

6. WiseStamp

Outlining your contact details clearly and professionally is critical to making a great first impression with a potential recruiter. WiseStamp is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create a professional email signature that includes your vital contact information and social media profiles. You can use your signature across all your emails to demonstrate your professionalism and help you stand out from other applicants. 

7. Career.io’s Job Search Tracker

Streamlining your job search is the best way to stay focused on your end goal and avoid experiencing burnout. Career.io’s Job Search Tracker is like your very own digital assistant, helping you stay organized by collating vital information from job listings across the web, then storing this information on a clean, ultra-efficient board. You can easily track your job applications, record specific notes, flag important dates, and sort jobs via wishlists, planned interviews, applications, and more. Added to that this Chrome extension is completely free (with an option to go premium if you wish).

If you’re looking to take charge of your job hunt, check out Career.io’s Job Search Strategy to navigate the competitive job market with confidence.

Key takeaways

  1. Chrome extensions are a great online tool for job seekers. These tools can help you speed up the job search and help reduce stress.

  2. There are lots of Chrome extensions out there, from job search tracking and networking tools to extensions that optimize your resume. 

  3. Consider key features, customer support, price, and your data security when choosing a Chrome extension to supercharge your career.

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