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  3. Look for your new job on social media: these are the best hashtags on LinkedIn for job seekers
Look for your new job on social media: these are the best hashtags on LinkedIn for job seekers

Look for your new job on social media: these are the best hashtags on LinkedIn for job seekers

  • 1. Search for job openings with hashtags 
  • 2. Include hashtags on LinkedIn posts 
  • 3. Secure job-seeker advice
  • Key takeaways

LinkedIn is a major resource when you’re looking for a new job, but it can be super competitive. One way to get ahead of the game and tap into the hidden job market is to leverage hashtags as part of your job search. Here’s our expert guide with the best hashtags on LinkedIn for job seekers.

LinkedIn is an extremely popular and powerful social media platform, so it makes sense to leverage this tool when you’re looking for a new job. You’ve probably already spritzed up your LinkedIn profile, checked out the Jobs tab, and maybe fired off some applications, but have you tried using hashtags on LinkedIn to find your dream job?

Job search hashtags are a great tool to tap into the hidden job market on LinkedIn. This often overlooked and underused channel can allow you to learn about upcoming job opportunities ahead of the competition. In this article, we’ll explore the best hashtags on LinkedIn for job seekers, including:

  • Search for job openings with hashtags

  • Include hashtags on job posts

  • Secure job-seeker advice via hashtags  

Statistical Insight

Hashtags are a key way to get noticed on LinkedIn. Independent research suggests that up to 10 hashtags can be used without penalty, and most importantly, posts without hashtags will get a 40% lower initial organic reach. 

1. Search for job openings with hashtags 

Hiring managers will often create a post about an open position on LinkedIn with a link back to their company website or job board, so these opportunities aren’t always on the LinkedIn Jobs tab. Included in these posts will be hashtags to increase visibility to job seekers.

If you know the specific hashtags that recruiters use, you can use the search bar to type in these hashtags and uncover these hidden jobs. Here are some hashtags to get your job search started the right way:

  • #nowhiring

  • #jobopening

  • #gethired

  • #joinourteam

  • #jobopportunity

  • #recruiting  

  • #joblisting

  • #hiring

  • #jobs   

Another option is to use hashtags or keywords related to your specific industry or job type. For example:    

  • #salesjobs

  • #legal

  • #marketingjobs

  • #finance   

  • #techjobs   

  • #SEO           

  • #freelance

  • #consulting

  • #internship

  • #remotework

Expert Tip

Make sure to follow your target hashtags on LinkedIn so you can stay updated. Once you’ve typed in your hashtag, click the Follow button so that LinkedIn will show you future posts that include this hashtag in your news feed.

2. Include hashtags on LinkedIn posts 

Whether you’re commenting on emerging issues in your industry or sharing a notable award or achievement, including hashtags on your LinkedIn posts is a great way to boost your visibility and attract profile views. More views can lead to more opportunities, including attention from potential hiring managers and recruiters.

Make sure to include relevant hashtags to the posting, including distinct industry or job function keywords so that you’re attracting the right attention. Here are some additional hashtags that highlight that you’re actively job-seeking: 

  • #jobsearch

  • #opentowork

  • #jobseeker

  • #recruitment

  • #hiring

  • #hireme

  • Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the posting. If they’re unrelated, they won’t be effective.
  • Like, share, and add insightful comments to posts made by any companies you’re targeting. This can help you stand out to recruiters.
  • Overdo hashtags on a post. Long lists can look like spamming. Three to five hashtags will create more impact.
  • Forget to add your resume to LinkedIn and attach this document to appropriate posts. You can tag this with #resume on your post.

3. Secure job-seeker advice

Hashtags are a great way to secure great insights and advice to help your job search progress on LinkedIn. Specific hashtags can be used to find career advice from industry professionals and career coaches as well as enable you to grow and extend your network. Here are some of the best hashtags to seek out career advice: 

  • #careeradvice

  • #hiringandpromotion   

  • #gethired       

  • #jobsearchtips       

  • #jobseeker       

  • #networking      

  • #professionaldevelopment

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Key takeaways

  1. Using LinkedIn hashtags to search for job openings and career advice, combined with including relevant hashtags on your posts, is one way to boost your visibility, attract profile views, and tap into the hidden job market.  

  2. Type in the pound (#) symbol followed by the keyword or hashtag in the search bar relevant to your job search and click follow to receive updates to your news feed.

  3. Get started with our best hashtags for LinkedIn and include some niche hashtags relevant to your chosen job function and industry to attract attention. 

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