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  3. Let these 10 TED Talks on career development inspire you!
Let these 10 TED Talks on career development inspire you!

Let these 10 TED Talks on career development inspire you!

  • Ways TED Talks can help with career development
  • 10 TED Talks on career development
  • Key takeaways

TED Talks are inspirational and can cover a wide range of topics. For those looking to grow in their careers, they can be invaluable. In this article, we will look at 10 TED Talks on career development that may inspire you.

Is your career in a rut? Are you unsure on where to look for new pathways or inspiration? Check out a TED Talk! TED Talks are presentations that are short and powerful. They typically last around 18 minutes and can cover a wide range of topics. Like many others, business professionals can gain inspiration from TED Talks. There are many TED Talks on career development that you can use to enhance your career.

In this blog, we will discover 10 of those great TED Talks. Here are the things we will cover:

  • Ways TED Talks can help with career development

  • 10 TED Talks on career development

Ways TED Talks can help with career development

One of the great things about TED Talks is that they give you access to experts and thought leaders in their fields of study. They are also recorded and available for free on the TED website and YouTube, which makes accessing them easy. Here are just some of the ways they can help you with career development:

  • Skill development. Since many topics are covered, there is no limit to the amount of information you can gain from TED Talks.

  • Networking. If you are able to attend live events, you can meet others in your field. You can also watch TED Talks that cover strategies related to networking and building relationships.

  • Leadership development. Learning to be a leader is important for most working professionals, and certain TED Talks can help you learn how to round out these skills.

  • Career planning. Many TED Talk speakers share insight into their own career planning strategies, including ways to identify strengths and skills as well as ways to bring passion into your career.

  • Research. Many jobs require research skills, which is something you can learn from TED Talks. You can also stay on top of industry trends, which can help keep you competitive.

10 TED Talks on career development

When choosing TED Talks on career development, you should focus on finding presentations that are related to your career goals and interests. You may also find even more opportunities for growth when you attend TEDx events in-person. The best way to gain knowledge through TED Talks is to watch new talks regularly. To get started, these are some of the top TED Talks on career development you will definitely want to check out:

1. How to find work you love

We all want to love the work we do, which is exactly what this TED Talk covers. In this presentation, which is given by Scott Dinsmore, we discover some ways we can search for work that is more meaningful and that brings us joy. The topics covered may seem simple, but they can actually be difficult to implement if you aren’t willing to put in the work.

2. The surprising habits of original thinkers

One way any professional can get ahead is by being an original thinker. Adam Grant, a psychologist, offers advice on how to accomplish this goal by discussing some habits of original thinkers in his TED Talk. The habits and ideas in this talk are unique and fascinating, offering new ways of looking at the world.

3. You’re always on: your career development cycle

For those looking for a general overview of what the career development cycle looks like, this is a great TED Talk to watch. The goal should be to continually seek career development and growth, and this presentation gives you applicable advice to help you with your journey. This presentation is given by Greg Shirley.

4. The career advice you probably didn’t get

This TED Talk by Susan Colantuono is specifically geared toward women and their attempts at building their careers. It teaches how women can align their strengths with the company’s goals and also covers how men can shape the workplace so that both men and women can succeed.

5. What it takes to be a great leader

Roselinde Torres has worked with great leaders for 25 years and has developed some questions leaders can ask and answer to ensure a business thrives in the future. This TED Talk is great for anyone who is interested in growing into, or who is currently in, a leadership role.

6. Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience

Jason Shen knows that many professionals don’t necessarily seek, or even currently have, jobs that match their experience levels perfectly. That’s why his TED Talk covers some of the ways you can focus on your ability to do a job rather than the experience you have from already completing the work when you are trying to advance your career.

7. A pro wrestler’s guide to confidence

Mike Kinney may be a pro wrestler, but his advice on confidence goes well beyond the arena. Confidence is always needed whenever you are developing your career and is instrumental throughout your life.

8.  How to make hard choices

If you are looking for a TED Talk on professional development, you’re likely facing some hard choices down the road. In Ruth Chang’s presentation, she teaches us how to make those hard choices during our careers even when we are indecisive.

9. The secrets of people who love their jobs

We all want to love our jobs, which is why Shane Lopez’s TED Talk is such a powerful one. In it, Shane teaches us how important it is to find a job that leaves us feeling happy and fulfilled. He also shows how to craft a job into one you love, even if it isn’t your dream job when you land it.

10. How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work

Sometimes being successful in your career or in your current job isn’t something you can do alone. Carla Harris addresses this in her TED Talk where she teaches how to build relationships that garner success for yourself, your co-workers, and the organization.

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Key takeaways

  1. TED Talks are short and inspirational presentations that cover a wide range of topics.

  2. When choosing TED Talks on career development to watch, you should consider your personal goals and career development strategies.

  3. TED Talks can help you advance your career by teaching you how to love your job, build your skills, become an original thinker, and more.

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