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Physician Assistant Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is a physician assistant’s job?
  • Why use this physician assistant resume example?
  • How to write a great physician assistant resume?
  • Which key skills are relevant for a physician assistant resume?

Medical professionals are high in demand. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level physician assistant job or you’re an experienced individual looking to take your career to the next level, our professionally-crafted resume can help you out.

What is a physician assistant’s job?

Physician assistants are responsible for developing and managing treatment plans for patients under the direct supervision of experienced physicians. They help diagnose illnesses, monitor patient care, conduct physical examinations, prescribe medications, and even serve as primary care providers in some instances.

Why use this physician assistant resume example?

For a physician assistant resume, our reverse chronological resume format is ideal. This format focuses on your professional experience, areas of expertise, and relevant job-related and soft skills to showcase you as the ideal candidate for the job.

The resume begins with a strong power statement that briefly mentions your experience, areas of specialization, and some of the crucial job-related skills. This is immediately followed by a qualifications summary that highlights your core competencies, key accomplishments, and dedication to your profession. 

Your work experience is listed in a reverse chronological order, with the most recent experience mentioned first. Each job role consists of day-to-day responsibilities (in paragraph form) and accomplishments (in a bulleted list). These sections must include the relevant industry-specific keywords that can be found in the description for the job you’re applying to.

Since this profession is highly regulated, the final section of your resume must mention your education, training, licenses, and certifications. Typically, physician assistants must possess a Master’s degree from an accredited educational program, and they must be licensed and certified by an approved governing body to practice this profession. 

How to write a great physician assistant resume?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing a physician assistant resume:

  1. A well-written resume should showcase the necessary education, skills, certifications, and clinical experience needed to deliver high-quality patient care.

  2. Write a strong resume summary that effectively summarizes your capabilities, core competencies, and accomplishments to make you the ideal candidate for the job.

  3. Talk about your ability to provide patient care in different settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, senior living facilities, schools, colleges, and clinics.

Which key skills are relevant for a physician assistant resume?

To enjoy a successful career as a physician assistant, you’ll probably need the following skills:

  • Patient care and advocacy

  • Telemedicine

  • Health assessment

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Active listening and note-taking skills

  • Preventative care

  • Infection control

  • Treatment planning


Summary example

Certified Physician Assistant leveraging a strong background in physical therapy and orthopedic medicine along with proven strengths in patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning and delivery. Known for excellent diagnostic and treatment skills, commitment to professional excellence, and solid work ethic.

Employment history example

Physician Assistant at Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

2015 - Present

Served as primary PA in Hand and Foot Center providing customized care to patients. Recorded clinical history and performed physicals for pre-surgical patients, including lab workups, medication reviews, EKGs, and providing gait training. Oversaw specialized care for hematology patients including blood transfusion and DDAVP orders. Collaborated with associated caregivers (surgeons, anesthesiologists, PCPs, RNs, case managers, physical therapists) to coordinate multiple stages of patient care. Performed pre-op procedures including cast removals. Administered pain control treatment and medication, including epidurals, steroids, antibiotics, and antianxiety medications. Provided assistance in orthopedic surgeries (THR, TKR, TSR), performed post-op checks. Assisted in discharge processes. Educated patients and family members on post-procedural care, recovery, and therapy considerations.

Key Achievements:

  • Personally acknowledged by the Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus as well as other surgeons and anesthesiologists for thorough and highly accurate completion of patient histories and physical exams for pre-surgical patients.

  • Optimized outcomes by streamlining documentation processes and admission of pain management patients

  • Requested by Nurse Manager to serve as the sole Physician Assistant in the Hand and Foot Center due to high work ethic and successful working relationships within the team of associated healthcare professionals.

Physician Assistant at Action Sports & Physical Therapy, Plainview, NY

2010 - 2015

Joined growing physiatrist practice to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients presenting with orthopedic injuries. Conducted medical history interviews and physical examinations, and ordered x-ray and MRI diagnostic tests. Prescribed medications and developed, implemented, and documented treatment plans and patient progress. Performed nerve conduction studies and physical / rehabilitative therapies, TENS treatments, and massage. Developed exercise plans targeting balance and muscle weakness and tightness issues.

Key Achievements:

  • Supervised office personnel and introduced new processes to improve efficiency of the practice.

  • Increased patient satisfaction by working with administrative staff to enhance patient scheduling.

  • Played an instrumental role in the growing patient base to increase practice from 3 to 5 days per week and achieve a patient retention rate close to 100%.

  • Drew upon physical therapy, ergonomics, personal training, and physician assistant background to deliver quality care and first-rate service to patients.

  • Gained experience working with public and private insurance companies; managed workers compensation, no-fault insurance claims, and Medicare cases.

Physician Assistant / Ergonomics Consultant at CHD Meridian Healthcare / The New York Times, New York, NY

2008 - 2010

Recruited to establish an ergonomics program serving all New York Times employees in the New York City and Washington, D.C. bureaus. Conducted ergonomic evaluations to assess and identify the source of repetitive stress injuries. Collaborated with an occupational doctor, physical therapist, and occupational health nurse to develop ergonomic solutions and assess the progress of editors, reporters, and photographers with varied physical symptoms. Sourced, selected, and coordinated vendors. Redesigned staff workstations to reduce injuries and improve productivity. Coordinated with newspaper administration and the facilities management team to implement solutions.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed an ergonomic program for 2 New York Times bureaus that reduced workers compensation costs, boosted employee productivity, and improved administration and staff relations.

  • Widely recognized for efficiency, competency, and strong customer service focus; complimented for ability to quickly implement ergonomic solutions.

  • Developed ergonomic reports for each evaluated employee with suggestions and treatment recommendations.

Education example

  • Bachelor of Science, Physician Assistant Program at Stony Brook University, SUNY

  • Associate of Applied Science, Physician Therapist Assistant Program at LaGuardia Community College

Skills example

  • Productive therapeutic relationships

  • Clinical assessment

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Physical examinations

  • Clinical documentation

  • Patient comfort

  • Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C)

  • Registered Physician Assistant (RPA-C)

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