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Chemical Engineer Resume Example & Writing Guide

  • What is a chemical engineer?
  • Why use this chemical engineer resume example?
  • How to write a great chemical engineer resume
  • Which skills are relevant for a chemical engineer resume?

If you’re looking for a chemical engineering job, you’ll need a stand-out resume that gets a positive reaction from the hiring manager. Whether you’re a new or experienced chemical engineer, our resume example and style guide can help you land more interviews and move forward in your career.

What is a chemical engineer?

Chemical engineers apply their knowledge of physics, chemistry, and engineering to design cutting-edge equipment and processes for the manufacture of products. From research and design phases, through to testing and safety management, these talented professionals wear many hats.  

Why use this chemical engineer resume example?

Chemical engineering resumes need to be structured in such a way that your qualifications, skills, experience, and achievements are direct and impactful. Our resume guide and example will help you create a chemical engineer resume that highlights the most important details the right way and that ensure you capture the hiring manager’s attention

The professional summary should be a compelling snapshot of your skills and experience in chemical engineering that sparks the hiring manager’s interest. Recruiters receive a high-volume of resumes, so keeping your profile clear, concise, and impactful will ensure the hiring manager is compelled to read on and review the rest of your resume. Next is the Education section, which is placed prominently so that the recruiter can clearly see your credentials. 

The expertise section showcases your core proficiencies (e.g., product development, technical research, and plant production) and is kept to nine key areas to maximize impact. Placing this section at the beginning of your resume ensures it stands out. Check the job description for specific skills and include competencies that align with your background. These keywords also ensure your resume performs well when parsed by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The professional experience section balances short paragraphs with bullet points of achievements to make the tangible contributions stand out in the initial scan of the resume. Achievements are a key reason this resume example and style guide is on point. 

How to write a great chemical engineer resume

Here are some top tips to creating a strong chemical engineer resume and making sure you get noticed in the candidate pool:

  1. While you may be tempted to write a highly technical and detailed professional summary, try to keep this short and sweet. Emphasize the breadth of your chemical engineering expertise, as well as the soft skills that make you an outstanding chemical engineer.

  2. Ensure your education section is placed on the first page of your resume so the hiring manager can clearly see you are qualified for the job. This is particularly important if you’re a recent graduate in chemical engineering. 

  3. The all-important work experience section follows. Start with your current or most recent job and work back to earlier roles, covering no more than 10 - 15 years of experience. When describing your experience and achievements, use action verbs at the start of each sentence for maximum impact.  

  4. Your projects can be bullet-pointed under the relevant role, with a brief outline of your role and any project wins. You can also highlight other achievements in the bulleted list, such as awards, presentations, or additional leadership responsibilities.

  5. Most chemical engineers will have professional affiliations, technical skills, and knowledge of various industry-specific methodologies, so these should be listed at the end of the resume. 

  6. Proofread your entire resume before you submit your job application. Spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes show a lack of attention to detail, which is not the professional image you want to project.

Which skills are relevant for a chemical engineer resume?

When outlining your skills as a chemical engineer, make sure they are relevant to the job opportunity by checking the job ad. Here are some of the key skills to include in your resume:

  • Product development

  • Research reporting

  • Plant production

  • Chemical engineering

  • Biochemistry & bioscience

  • Process engineering

  • Technical research

  • Data analysis

  • Process optimization


Summary example

Qualified chemical engineer with an aptitude for developing cutting-edge products and effectively managing and optimizing processes to meet project objectives. Experienced researcher skilled in collecting and analyzing data and composing detailed technical research reports that drive product innovation. Adept in plant production. Skilled in collaborating with colleagues.

Employment history example

Chemical Engineer at JOHNSON & JOHNSON, New Brunswick, NJ

2021 - Present

Leverage subject matter expertise to contribute to revenue-generating research in core product development areas to keep pace with industry challenges and customer needs.

  • Contributed to a 15% cut in production costs by completing research on a natural substitute for a synthetic ingredient present in ABC Strengthening Hand Cream.

  • Teamed with colleagues to develop a dermatology (blackhead removal) product; team won first prize for product development and delivering industry-applicable results.

  • Developed blackhead removal skin treatment product to challenge leading competitor, Proactiv, while increasing safety, efficacy, and customer satisfaction.

Researcher at Columbia University, New York, NY

2020 - 2020

Served as vital research team member implementing and managing technical research protocol plans and processes to meet project management goals. Developed and delivered highly detailed research reports.

  • Created a pilot methanol production plant via syn-gas; utilized technologies (Aspen Plus V8.6) to contribute to developing a Green-concept product.

  • Collaborated wit four researchers to characterize thermodynamic stability of Dinucleotide Bulge of Domain V of Group II Intron.

  • Quantified contribution of RNA-magnesium interactions; utilized thermal denaturation experiments and required research methodologies.

Education example

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University, New York, NY

  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

Skills example

  • Product Development

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Technical Research

  • Research Reporting

  • Biochemistry & Bioscience

  • Process Optimization

  • Plant Production

  • Process Engineering

  • Data Collection & Analysis

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